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5 ways to choose solar street light manufacturer

When it comes to the install solar street light project, a lot of people would ask what is solar street light is and how do I find a trustable solar street light manufacturer. Usually solar street light is a huge project, it needs to be customized based on the climate conditions of the users. The top solar street light manufacturers will configure cost-effective light solutions to provide efficient lighting. This article is a guide on how to choose a good solar street light manufacturer.

1. Which type of solar street light that the manufacturer provide?

Solar street lights are composed of split solar street lights and all in one integrated solar street light. What’s the difference between these two types of solar street lights?

Split type solar street light: the solar panel is separated from the light source and the battery.

All in one led solar street light: It is to integrate all the components and connect them together. It integrates the solar panel, rechargeable battery, LED light source, controller, mounting bracket, etc. into one street lamp.

The integrated light advantage is easy to install but the disadvantage is the angle of the solar panel can’t be adjusted. The split type can adjust the angle of the solar panel. You need to know the lights that the manufacturer provided. Some small manufacturers only provide one of them. You can provide your requirements for the solar street light so that the manufacturer can configure the light that suits you.

all in two solar street light

2. Warranty period and maintenance provided by the manufacturer

The lifespan of solar street lights is affected by many factors, such as the lifespan of batteries, solar panels, etc. A high-performance solar street light system can be used for at least 5 years if properly maintained. most solar street light manufacturers in China provided 2-3 years warranty, some quality solar street light suppliers provided 5 years warranty. However, solar street lamp maintenance matters a lot. Top solar street lamp manufacturer has a perfect after-sales team.

3. Solar street light battery used

The battery is a key factor that affects the lifespan of solar street lights. Lead-acid battery, ternary lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery can all be used. Among these batteries, the lithium iron phosphate battery has the best performance, although the price is a little higher. To find a reliable manufacturer, you should know the components that they used in the street lights are good or not. Solar street light is consist of solar panels, batteries, controllers, light sources, etc. The quality of each component is significant. Some manufacturers will use low-quality materials to replace the good ones.

Don’t just look at the parameters only
When we buy quality solar street lights, we must not just look at the specifications advertised by the suppliers, because the battery that the supplier may advertise is 100Ah, but the actual product purchased is only 10Ah. Even with the same capacity, the available capacity of batteries of different grades is different. For the same solar street light, some suppliers label 60W, and some may label 300W.

The actual capacity of the battery
Some parameter table Ah looks very big, but in fact, we bought Wh instead of Ah. Wh=Ah*V, we can’t just look at the capacity of Ah, but also the voltage. E.g:
90Ah, 3.2V actual battery capacity is 90Ah*3.2V=288Wh.
30Ah, 12.8V actual battery capacity is 30Ah*12.8V=384Wh

solar street light battery

4. Pay attention to the number of continuous rainy days

One of the important indicators of solar-powered led street lights is the number of continuous rainy days. At present, most solar street lights on the market still can only provide lighting for three to five consecutive rainy days. The battery capacity of this kind of solar street lamp is also often depleted, resulting in a decline in battery life. Therefore, it is recommended not to buy solar street lights with few continuous rainy days. When buying the solar street light, provide the longest number of rainy days in the local area so that the solar street light manufacturer can configure a suitable battery according to the customer’s local climate.

5. Cheap price ≠ Cost-effective performance

Solar-powered led street lights with false standard parameters cannot be purchased. There are many solar street lights with false standard parameters on the market. These products use false standard parameters such as light sources, solar panels, batteries, and electrode materials to reduce costs and achieve the purpose of attracting customers.

Let users spend the same money but buy substandard products. These products are shoddy and contain a variety of safety hazards. Even if the price of this solar street light is very low, it cannot be purchased

People want to buy the cheapest solar street light, but the cheap ones do not mean the most cost-effective. It also depends on the effect and longevity. For example:

With the 10 years lifespan of a $300 high-quality solar light, the average annual cost is $30.
With the 1-year lifespan of a $100 poor-quality solar light, the average annual cost is $100. If it is broken, there is a waste of time and energy cost, which is actually not worth it.

We hope you will know how to choose the right solar street light manufacturer after reading this article.

Belinda has 10 years of experience in sales and marketing of solar and LED lighting, making our design perfectly adapted to the market’s needs. She is passionate about solar streetlights and loves sharing her knowledge with the world.

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All in one solar led street light

2021 Top 5 solar street light manufacturers

If you are looking for quality solar street light manufacturers, in this article, we have summarized the 2021 top 5 solar street light manufacturers in China. You can choose a suitable manufacturer according to your budget and location preference.

At present, the solar street light market is extremely competitive, solar street light manufacturers are also mushrooming, and the vicious competition is becoming more and more serious.

The manufacturers with good quality products will certainly be remembered by customers. There are so many solar street light manufacturers and how to choose a good quality manufacturer can be a real challenge.

1. Leadsun

Leadsun Founded in 2005, headquartered in Zhuhai, China, LEADSUN is an innovative high-tech enterprise providing solar lighting and off-grid application solutions.

LEADSUN has rich experience in R&D and production of integrated solar street lights, and has mastered the core technology, and has deep research on the dynamic management of LiFePO4 battery, low temperature charging and discharging, battery cycle life, high luminous efficacy of LED lights, light distribution and LED driving reliability, as well as MPPT technology for the solar panel to improve charging efficiency.

It also has dozens of invention patents and product patents and has made a number of core technologies in the industry. Leadsun’s integrated solar street lights are widely used worldwide, including urban and rural roads, factories, parks, and scenic spots, large squares, parking lots, courtyards, neighborhood roads, and many other places.

Leadsun’s solar street light product :
All-in-one Solar Street Light
Li-ion Battery Solar Street Light

2. DEL

DEL was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Jiangsu Province, China, but they also have 4 other factories and 2 factories abroad. Each year, Sokoyo produces up to 100,000 sets of solar street lights, making it one of the largest manufacturers in China.

Sokoto has invested more than 70 million yuan to build four 80,000 square meters of production bases for solar panels, LEDs, poles, colloidal batteries, lithium batteries, etc., and has developed its own solar street light control system to realize the solar street light components. The completely self-produced, annual production capacity of 500 million yuan. Tokyo has provided solar street lights in many countries/regions in Southeast Asia, Africa.

Sokoyo’s solar street light products.
Split solar street light
Gel cell solar street light

3. Clodesun

Clodesun is a leading supplier of commercial in one solar LED lights that meet your need for various outdoor lighting applications – from commercial solar street lights and solar home system lights to the residential pathway and signage projects One of 5 Best Solar Street Light Manufacturers Brand in China, Clodesun is more focused on spending time and money on product design and development and controlling product good quality.

Best quality solar street light

Clodesun solar-powered Led street lighting systems are an efficient means to provide lighting without the need for utility power. Every Stand-alone off-grid lighting system provides cost savings by eliminating the need to trench standard electric wires for installation and providing no electric bill for the lifespan of the lighting system. Solar street lights have been installed on highways, streets, rural roads, residential pathways, industrial parks, scenic parks, construction areas, parking lots, campus and provide security, sustainability, and an overall green image.

If you are looking for a manufacturer of solar street lights, then Clodesun is an excellent choice. The company has only 5 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of solar street lights, but it has a global reputation. Compared to other manufacturers, they also carry a variety of LED solar street lights for outdoor use. They are also one of the top manufacturers of hybrid solar street lights, in addition to their patented all-in-one solar street light series.

CLODESUN’s solar street lighting products:

New design all in one solar street light

Common design solar street light

Solar street light with CCTV

Solar home system

4. Sunmaster

SunMaster Solar Lighting Company Limited was founded in the year of 2006; since that, SunMaster has been the most professional and reliable solar LED lights manufacturer in the global market of solar lighting products and accessories.

SunMaster as professional solar LED lighting manufacturer currently owns its own manufacturing plants with a total area of 8000 square meters along with multiple workshops for the production of solar panels, LED lights, controllers, and other system accessories. SunMaster provides high-quality customized solar solutions at affordable prices.

SUNMASTER’s solar street lighting products:

Solar Power Generation System
Integrated solar street light
The solar water pumping system

5. Cmoonlight

Cmoonlight solar street light manufacturer with 6 years experience in Shenzhen China, established in 2010, has been committed to the research, development, production, and sales of solar street lights and solar garden lights for many years.

Cmoonlight serves over 114 countries. They have ongoing solar street light projects in Europe, North, Central, and South America, West, East, and South Africa; South Asia, West Asia, and Oceania.

One of the best things about working with Bright Solar Solutions is that not only do they have a great reputation with their customers, but they also have a very large selection of solar products. In addition to solar street lights, the company also offers solar kits and accessories.

Cmoonlight’s solar street light products.

Integrated solar street light

Smart Solar Street Light

Split solar street light

Since solar street lights are exposed to outdoor conditions, clients prefer manufacturers who are very reliable in quality and who can guarantee a long lifespan for your solar products. However, choosing a trustworthy supplier takes a lot of time and effort. We hope this article has helped you choose the best solar LED street light manufacturer in China for your project.

outdoor solar street light

LED integrated solar street light advantages

LED integrated solar street light has the advantages of long time life, high luminous efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, economy Practical.

LED integrated solar street light is powered by monocrystalline silicon solar battery, lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery, ultra-bright Prey 45ML light source, and is controlled by independent research and development of intelligent charge and discharge controller, intelligent control in rainy days, used to replace traditional public Electric lighting street lamp. No need to lay cables, no AC power supply, no electricity costs; DC power supply.

solar street light in Africa

Can be widely used in the construction of new rural roads, urban main, secondary roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places.

LED integrated solar street light Basic introduction

LED integrated solar street light is powered by monocrystalline silicon solar battery, lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery, ultra-bright Prey 45ML light source, and is controlled by independent research and development of intelligent charge and discharge controller, intelligent control in rainy days, used to replace traditional public Electric lighting street lamp.

No need to lay cables, no AC power supply, no electricity costs; DC power supply, light sensitivity and human body induction / time control; good stability, long life, high luminous efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy saving, environmental protection, economy Practical advantages.

Can be widely used in the construction of new rural roads, urban main, secondary roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places.

LED integrated solar street light System composition

LED integrated solar street light advantages

The entire system consists of an integrated lamp head (solar panel, controller, lithium battery, light source) and a light pole, which is simple to install and easy to maintain.

LED integrated solar street light system can guarantee normal work for more than 2-20 days in rainy weather! The controller intelligently regulates rainy days. Its system consists of two parts (including a bracket), an integrated lamp holder (solar panel, controller, lithium battery, light source) and a light pole.

Monocrystalline silicon solar cell modules are generally used for solar cell modules; high-power LED light sources are generally used for LED lamp heads; the controller is generally integrated in the lamp head, with human sensing, light control, time control, overcharge and over discharge protection, and reverse connection protection. Mobile phone APP intelligent control function, rainy weather intelligent adjustment function, etc .;

Lithium battery is also in the integrated lamp holder, generally use ternary or lithium iron phosphate battery. Solar luminaires work fully automatically and do not need to dig trenches, but the light poles need to be installed on embedded parts (concrete base).

LED integrated solar street light Product parameters

Body material: The light pole is all-steel structure, overall hot-dip galvanized / plastic sprayed

Solar cell module: monocrystalline silicon 18v 10-150WP (configured according to load)

System working voltage: DC 12V

Controllers: dedicated controllers for solar lamps, human body induction + light control, human body induction + time control, intelligent control (sky light turns on automatically, day light turns off, people come with full power, people walk with half power, more energy-saving and environmental protection, Enhance battery life)

Energy storage battery: lithium iron phosphate battery 12V4Ah—100Ah (based on load configuration)

Light source type: Purui 45ml (can be configured according to customer requirements)

Protection level: IP65

Operating temperature: -30 degrees to 60 degrees

Lighting time: 4 to 12 hours (can be adjusted as required)

Light pole height: 2m ~ 12m (can be made according to customer requirements)

Continuous work in rainy days can ensure that the rainy days are illuminated all year round (smart adjustment by different controllers in different regions / seasons)

This product does not need to lay underground cables and does not need to pay lighting electricity charges. It is mainly suitable for lighting in new rural road construction, courtyard roads, park roads, urban roads, community squares, industrial parks, tourist attractions, park green belts and other places.

The company uses high-quality raw materials and standardized production processes, from raw material procurement-qualified incoming inspection-arrange production plans-make finished products-inspection OK-product aging 3 days-shipping-freight-customer acceptance-installation guidance-after-sales support .

LED integrated solar street light working principle

LED integrated solar street light working principle description: Under the control of intelligent controller, solar street light is illuminated by sunlight in the daytime, the solar panel absorbs solar light and converts it into electric energy. The solar battery component charges the lithium battery during the day and the lithium battery provides at night.

The electric power supplies power to the LED light source to realize the lighting function. The DC controller can ensure that the lithium battery is not damaged due to overcharge or overdischarge. At the same time, it has PIR human body sensing, light control, time control, temperature compensation, lightning protection and reverse polarity protection.

LED integrated solar street light Installation

When LED integrated solar street lights are installed, there is no need to set up complicated lines and dig battery pits, only a cement base can be used, and it can be fixed with galvanized bolts. Compared with the traditional solar street light installation, the integration is more quantitative, the installation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, the transportation space is saved, and freight and labor installation costs can be eliminated.

There are complicated operating procedures in the construction of relatively city circuit lights. First of all, it is necessary to set up auxiliary cables, dig trenches, lay pipes, thread inside pipes, backfill and other large-scale civil construction, which consumes a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. Finally, you need to debug, and if there is a problem, it will cause a lot of consumption.

LED integrated solar street light Cost

LED integrated solar street lights benefit from a long-term investment. Because no wires are needed, the lamps and poles are directly fixed to each other, the anti-theft bracket is installed, the lamp switch is turned on, and the poles can be fixed with screws. 0 maintenance costs, 0 electricity costs. 3-4 years to recover the cost, saving electricity and maintenance costs later.

Traditional solar street lights are inconvenient to transport, and installation requires complicated work such as buried batteries and cables. It takes a lot of labor.

The electricity cost of the city’s circuit lights is high, and the lines are complicated, and the lines need to be maintained for a long period of time. In the case of special voltage instability, it is inevitable that the sodium lamp is susceptible to damage. With the extension of the service life, the aging of the line and the maintenance cost increase year by year.

LED integrated solar street light Safety

LED integrated solar street light is an ideal product for ecological community and road administration department because it adopts 12 low voltage, stable voltage, reliable operation and no hidden dangers.

There are many hidden dangers to the safety of circuit lights in the city, and people’s living conditions are constantly changing. Road reconstruction, landscape engineering construction, abnormal power supply, and cross-construction of water and gas pipelines have brought many hidden dangers.

LED integrated solar street light Environmental / lifetime

The LED integrated solar street light is designed as human body induction + light control or human body induction + time control. It operates intelligently according to the set parameters and avoids manual maintenance costs. This design is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and increases product life.

Traditional solar street lights use full power, so the capacity of solar panels and batteries needs to be large, which will increase the cost. As the number of discharges increases, the battery life is shortened.

LED integrated solar street light Features:

Energy saving: The use of solar photoelectric conversion to provide electrical energy is inexhaustible and inexhaustible.

Environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation.

Safety: No accidents such as electric shock and fire.

Convenient: Independent installation and convenience, no need to wire or “open the door” to dig the ground, and there are no concerns about power cuts and power restrictions.

Long life: the product has high technology content, the control system and accessories are international brands, intelligent design, reliable quality.

High-grade: scientific and technological products, green energy, using units attach importance to science and technology, improve the green image, upgrade the grade.

Less investment: one investment, long-term use.

Wide application: can be used where there is sunshine

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solar street light with pole price

Best quality solar led street light in China

There are many solar-led street light manufacturers in China. So where we can buy the best quality solar led street lights in China is very important?

When we negotiate with integrated solar street lights manufacturers, we need to have a good knowledge of integrated solar street lights, such as color, style, configuration. If these aspects are different, the price of integrated solar street lights will also be very different. If you understand these specifications, you will naturally reduce the chance of being cheated.

The feature of the solar street light industry at present is that the production process of the product is messy. Solar street light products are mostly patchworked, rather than independent research and development, and even many lighting companies do not have factories. These companies often cut corners and make indiscriminate production in the production process, thereby bidding at low prices, making the industry low-quality and low-cost garbage solar street lights in a mess.

solar led street specifications

It is indeed almost maintenance-free to buy solar street lights of good quality. There will not be too many problems after 3-5 years of use. The controller may be changed in about 3 years, but it will not waste a lot of maintenance costs.

However, if you buy low-quality solar street lights, you may have a problem that the lighting time is getting shorter and shorter in three or five months. Although the manufacturer promises to guarantee 3 years warranty, the cost of returning the accessories to the factory, the cost of the accessories, and the assembly are not It will be borne, which is also caused a lot of loss.

The main reason for this problem is the configuration and quality of solar street lights. In order to sell products, some solar street light manufacturers often attract customers by lowering the price of solar street lights, and there is no other way to do so, only to reduce the configuration of the solar street lighting system. And quality, to reduce the cost of solar street lights.

Therefore, the price of solar street lights is low, and product quality is difficult to guarantee. Everyone pays more attention to the quality of solar street lights while paying attention to the price of solar street lights because quality is really too important.

It is very necessary to understand the parameters and performance of led solar street lights in detail. The conditions for installing solar-led street lights in different regions are different and are determined by the region, local humidity, sunshine hours, peak sunshine hours, temperature, wind force, etc. Whether it is suitable for solar street lights must be investigated in advance.

How to buy the best-quality integrated solar street lights?

This is the doubt of many purchasers. What are the tips for purchasing integrated solar street lights? Next, Belinda will introduce you to the precautions for purchasing high-quality solar street lights.

1. Battery life: The service life of high-quality solar street lithium iron phosphate batteries can be as long as eight years, and the service life of low-quality batteries is only a few months, half a year, you need to replace the new battery.

2. Lamp bead brightness: Solar street lights do not mean that the greater the power of the light source, the more manufacturers falsely report the power, or buy low-lumen lamp beads to reduce costs. In fact, to achieve the same brightness, the lower the light source power, the better.

Power saving, the luminous efficiency of LED light sources of other companies on the market is now 80-100Lm/W, and the light decay is high, the light decay reaches 15%-30% in one year, and the angel eye LED light source uses high-quality LED chips, And the low light attenuation structure and process of the patented technology, the luminous efficiency reaches 130Lm/W, the actual light attenuation is only about 2-3%, and the patented lamp mold can better use the light source.

3. Resistant to the low-temperature environment:

Clodesun company equipped with an exclusive patented ultra-low temperature protection device, which can work at -40 ℃, even in high and cold areas.

all in one solar light

In order to ensure the working state and efficiency of led solar street lights, it is necessary to consider whether the storage battery can meet the use conditions of solar street lights, and check the use of the storage battery in time. The price of led solar street lights is determined by the materials used and the fineness of the workmanship of the led solar street lights. It needs to be selected before installation.

Now that the world Internet is very developed, people’s ability to obtain information is becoming easier, so now everyone can understand some things relatively easily with integrated solar street light suppliers. It can be said that in the current solar street light market, everyone now values the quality of integrated solar street lights a lot, but is not so concerned about the price. So the era of seizing the market by fighting the price war has passed. If the quality of the integrated solar street light suppliers is not doing well, then it is likely that consumers will be lost.

When we buy integrated solar street light products, we must remember to compare over 3 manufacturers, only by comparing you will know which product is good quality, the price is affordable, and the after-sales service is relatively late to improve. For non-professionals, it is impossible to judge the quality of products by appearance, especially for users who lack professional knowledge, so Belinda recommends the buyers buy some samples to test first, samples can prove everything.

If you care about quality, please respect its price; if what you want is cheap, please don’t assume that there will be good quality! No matter how beautiful the language is, it is a lie! remember forever.

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foldble solar street light

3 steps to distinguish solar street lights?

How can we distinguish good quality solar street lights, we can screen from the following three aspects, solar panels, solar battery, and solar controllers.

Whether it is on the main road of the city or on the country road, factory, or in the community, we can always see the picture of solar street lights. It is widely used in our lives, and manufacturers of solar street lamps are becoming more and more It’s not surprising that it’s mixed, and it’s a new field, making it easy for consumers to make trouble when picking.

First, how to choose solar street lights solar panels

First of all, we have to determine the photoelectric conversion rate (conversion rate = power/area) of the solar panel. The panel is closely related to this parameter.

There are two kinds of single-crystal silicon and polycrystalline silicon. Generally speaking, the conversion rate of polycrystalline silicon is usually around 14%. The highest can only reach 19%, while the conversion rate of single crystal silicon can be as low as 17% and up to 24%.

solar powered street light

In terms of conversion rate, it is better to choose solar panels with single crystal silicon panels, but the production cost of such panels is higher than that of polysilicon panels, so the unit price will be more expensive, and the choice can be based on their own needs;

In addition, the formula for the conversion rate can be seen. Under the same power, the smaller the panel area, the higher the conversion rate.

Second, how to solar street lights choose the battery

Good solar street lights should ensure sufficient lighting time and lighting brightness. To do this, the requirements for the battery are naturally not low. Currently, there are mainly lead-acid batteries (colloidal batteries) and lithium iron phosphate batteries on the market.

The traditional lead-acid battery has stable voltage, low price, and relatively simple maintenance. However, this battery has lower energy than energy and has a shorter service life. It requires frequent maintenance on a daily basis.

The rapidly developing lithium iron phosphate battery has obvious advantages in terms of depth of discharge and charging aging. It has strong adaptability to the environment and can generally be used in an environment of -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C. After special treatment, The temperature can be adapted to a minimum of -45 ° C, and the application environment is more extensive.

The life span can reach 7~8 years, and it is more worry-free to use. In addition, the lithium iron phosphate battery is smaller in size and weight than the lead-acid battery, and the construction is simpler and the effect is more.

Therefore, the lithium iron phosphate battery in the battery is The second choice is the lithium iron phosphate battery used in the south solar street light. The lighting time is long and the brightness is bright enough.

Third, how to choose solar street lights solar controller

In the solar power generation system, the solar controller is a device that controls the solar battery to charge the battery to supply electricity. It operates continuously for one day, and its power consumption is preferably controlled below 1 mAh, avoiding excessive power consumption and affecting power generation efficiency.

It is best to have a three-stage charge control mode of strong charge, balance, and float charge to ensure power generation efficiency.

solar street light controller

In addition, the controller should have two separate control functions, so that the power adjustment of the street lamp can automatically turn off one or two channels of illumination during the period of fewer pedestrians, which is beneficial to the power saving. It is assembled and distributed through the form of outsourcing. Philips has done a very successful job in this respect. It is really not going to be chosen.

It is also possible to look for such a big brand. Others such as chips can also choose the Philips brand and the LED lamp beads. You can consider the brands of Japan’s Nichia and the United States Corey. They are industry leaders in related fields. The solar street lamps in the south have cooperated with these manufacturers to fully guarantee the quality of street lamps.

In short, although the solar street lights are good, there are always some counterfeit and shoddy products on the market, which will cause troubles in the use process. When choosing, we must inspect them in many aspects. The above opinions hope to give you some reference.

solar led street light in Tailand

Three reasons why choose integrated solar street light

Why people prefer choosing integrated solar street lights now, for three reasons, technology development, working principle, or its lower total cost for a project.

Following are three reasons why people choose integrated solar street lights.

Firstly, the technology advantages of integrated solar street lights:

Clodesun Integrated Solar Street Light is a high-efficiency solar panel, 8-year long-life lithium battery, high-efficiency LED and intelligent controller, PIR human body sensing module, anti-theft mounting bracket, etc. Solar street light.Integrated solar led street light

The advantages of the integrated solar street light are simple installation and lightweight. Generally, two workers do not need heavy equipment and tools, only need a special wrench in the product to complete the installation in 5 minutes. System platform download.

Secondly, the working principle of integrated solar street lights:

The traditional solar light working principle is basically the same, but the integrated solar street light is different, it has a lamp holder, a battery board, a battery, a controller system, and the control system controls the charging and discharging mode. If all are integrated into one lamp holder, the lead-acid battery will be replaced with a lithium battery for easy installation and lightweight.

Thirdly, the cost advantage of integrated solar street lights:

1. The biggest advantage of integrated solar street lights is to save expensive installation and commissioning costs, as well as product transportation costs. Usually, only 1/5 of the cost of traditional lamps can be used. If it is exported abroad, only traditional split solar street lamps are needed. /10.

2. The integrated solar street light has 8 years of long life and is the world’s first lithium battery management and control technology. Compared with some ordinary battery products that need to be replaced in two years, the cost of future after-sales service and component replacement of integrated solar street lamps can be greatly reduced. Usually, it is not necessary to replace the battery or maintenance within 8 years. Even if it needs to be replaced after 8 years, due to the unique product structure design, the user can complete it in just a few minutes without the support of technical support and engineers. replace.

Many customers complained to me that the life span of integrated solar street lights on the market is less than two years because over 90% of solar street lights choose to use lower-quality materials to get more profit.

But Clodesun Integrated Solar Street Light focus on the high-efficiency solar panel, 8-year long life lithium battery, high-efficiency LED and intelligent controller, Although our price is a bit more expensive than other street lights, our integrated solar street lights have a life span of at least 5-10 years。