Case Study: Solar Street Light Project in Burkina Faso

Solar Street Light Project in Burkina Faso

People are afraid to go out in the past at night in Burkina Faso, After installing the solar street light in 2023, we can often come out at night and have a walk “, “We do not need a torch at home at night, When the solar street light is on, even if there is no one on the road, the heart is also solid.” Light up the village entrance, a safe way home …… On the evening of 19 March 2023, villagers in Boromo Burkina Faso Village said happily.

Project Name: 171 Set of 80w All-In-One Solar Street Light Project with 7m pole in Boromo Burkina Faso

Date: March 2023

Project Type: Government solar street light project

Project Site: Boromo Burkina Faso

Boromo is a town in the Boromo Department of Balé Province in Burkina Faso. It is the capital of both the department and the province, and it has a population of 20,193

Solar Street Light Project in Burkina Faso

Case Study: Solar Street Light Project in Burkina Faso

Calabash makers in Boromo

Boromo is located directly between the two major cities of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, and Bobo-Dioulasso. It is a city with many natural resources, including gold and fish. The major activity in this zone is agriculture. Boromo is a “melting pot” where you will find many ethnic groups, including Mossi, Dioula, Dafing, Bobo, and Winiens (or Kos).

Location within Burkina Faso, French West Africa
Coordinates: 11°45′N 2°56′W

So far, 174 solar street lights have been installed in the area of Boromo Burkina Faso Village By Clodesun . The installation of solar streetlights also will be carried out one after another on several highway roads.

Today, the emergence of solar street lights not only improves the public lighting infrastructure, but also provides bright road lighting for vehicles and the masses traveling at night, and a clear and good line of sight provides a guarantee for the safe driving of passing vehicles. After the installation of street lights, road traffic accidents on this road section have been significantly reduced, and the sense of security and happiness of the masses has been greatly improved.