Case study: Solar street light project in Botswana

solar street light project in Botswana

📣A project of Palm tree 100W in Botswana—-Clodesun Solar Street Light

solar street light project in Botswana

solar street light project in Botswana

🎉🎉Good news !! Clodesun has cooperated with Botswana commercial area for a parking lot solar street light project successfully. 👍In order to ensure the driving safety of the parking lot in the commercial area, our client strictly control the product quality, and finally chose 151pcs of palm tree 100w foldable design double-sided solar panel solar street light. And our client is very satisfied with the result of this project.

Do you want to try our palm tree foldable design solar street light?
👉Commercial / Industrial / Municipal / Tender Project
👉Building Infrastructures
✅Popular All in one design
✅New appearance design
✅The adjustable structure of LED modules
🙋‍♂️Reliable source manufacturer
💁‍♀️Abundant project experiences

Solar power has emerged as one of the most promising solutions to the world’s energy problems, enabling countries to find the proper balance between energy security, economic progress, and environmental sustainability. 🙌
🎉🎉The solar industry is experiencing an acceleration in innovations that improve solar performance.
Clodesun has continued to develop more-efficient solar energy equipment and to be your best partner. 💪

Are the street lights in your city bright enough?💡

What factors will you consider when buying street lights⁉️
A good street lamp should consider the battery capacity, the power of the solar panel, the material of the lamp body, the irradiation distance, the quality of the lamp, etc.🔮

Clodesun has been successfully installed in many countries🎉🎉🎉
Our lamps have sufficient brightness and can continue to illuminate for 6-7 days on cloudy, rainy, snowy, and typhoon days.📶
Simple installation and integrated packaging save freight📶

🏠Clodesun Patented Solar Street Light works well in snowy weather and is really beautiful
👉Clodesun solar street lights are suitable for government bidding projects, highway lighting, sidewalks, squares, parks, yards, coastal areas, etc.
👉5-year warranty, quality is guaranteed, please feel free to contact us if you need it