20 Best Solar Street Light Manufacturers/Brands in Australia 2024

Solar power is a very sensible choice in a country that receives so much sunlight throughout the year. It’s also the right direction to take since it emphasizes renewable energies and the environment. 

    You may be wondering who are the best solar street light providers in Australia, regardless if you’re a council, government department, contractor, developer, or mining company. We’ll cover some of the top choices without mentioning any particular order in this post.


    As China’s leading manufacturer of commercial solar-powered LED lighting, clodesun is known as the world’s rising star in the solar street lighting industry. Commercial-grade LED outdoor lighting systems designed for outdoor use

    These solar lighting products are brought by Clodesun months and sometimes years before larger corporations can adapt. Our ability to offer the latest, most innovative LED products in the market will help us stay competitive. LED products are rapidly improving in technology. 

    2. Plusrite® Australia

    Plusrite is Australia’s trusted partner when it comes to LED Panel lighting solutions as a manufacturer of high-quality lighting products including commercial LED lighting, LED floodlights, LED warehouse lighting, and industrial lighting.

    This company is a genuine branch of Plusrite Electric, a Chinese manufacturer whose products are affordable and dependable. Having maintained positive relationships with our suppliers, we have become a leading player in the Australian LED lighting market. 

    3. Solar Street Lights Australia

    The company designs manufactures and installs street lights throughout Australia from its Melbourne headquarters. In addition to providing street lighting for parking lots, marinas, walkways, roads, and construction sites, the company also supplies solar-powered street lighting for applications like car parks.

    There are also outdoor solar-powered motion sensors available from Solar Street Lights Australia. The lights only come on when they are needed instead of always being on.


    4. Solar Online Australia

    Solar Online Australia is one of the largest suppliers and integrators of renewable energy products in Australia. We have been Australia-owned and operated since 2000, originally as E-Lec Engineering Pty Ltd, and in 2001 we launched Australia’s first online solar store.

    5. Green Frog

    Green Frog, based in Australia, manufactures and designs solar street lights. Green Frog is a global supplier of solar street lights. Their systems are designed for remote locations with limited electricity access to reduce reliance on grid energy and decrease energy bills. These companies provide custom lighting systems for a diverse range of applications and industries.

    6. Engo Planet

    For four years, EnGoPlanet has been implementing solar street lights. Sandy’s destructive impact on Manhattan led to the creation of the company. In addition to high-performance solar batteries, the EnGo Planet team has developed intelligent solar outdoor lighting. The company has established a great reputation in many Asian and Australian countries.

    7. Orion Solar

    Located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Orion Solar is another major solar lighting supplier. Orion Solar not only provides solar lights for outdoor lighting, but also for marine, mining, construction, and aviation applications, such as marine lighting.

    In rural and remote areas where it is difficult or impossible to get on the grid, Orion likes to supply solar-powered street lighting. Orion Solar’s Team provides the ultimate environmentally friendly solution for solar lighting with solar panels.

    8. Solar Lighting Designs

    Commercial solar street lighting is designed, manufactured, supplied, and installed by Solar Lighting Designs. Four locations are available to customers, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth.

    Roads, parking lots, walkways, decks, trail markers, paths, parks, and outdoor security lighting are just a few examples of outdoor solar-powered lighting they provide. 

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    9. Orca Solar Lighting

    Orca Solar Lighting is proud to have worked with some of the biggest companies in Australia, including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Blue Scope Steel, the Queensland Government, and many others.

    As a preferred supplier, the company is also an approved provider by Localbuy, Local Government Procurement, and Northern Territory Local Government Procurement for solar street lighting. By using this service, government agencies, educational facilities, and councils may purchase solar lighting without going to tender or obtaining three quotes; they will have the confidence of knowing they are purchasing on the best possible terms from a reputable supplier.

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    10. MOMA Solar

    With MOMA Solar, we work with the environment and use resources that are available to us all for free. With all of our experience, we can provide solar energy lighting for any remote region, including rural, council, commercial, hazardous area, mining, and remotely located homes.

    Using Solar as an alternative to electricity has become more cost-effective and technically feasible. It’ll be cheaper and easier to maintain if you switch to solar power.

    11. Vizona Lighting

    Material that is resilient, long-lasting, and has a minimal carbon footprint has been incorporated into our product range. The ability to break down aluminum after 400 years makes it the preferred material for many Vizona products.

    In addition to reducing energy bills, and drastically reducing the need to replace bulbs, LED lights are extremely energy efficient and durable. They also minimize the carbon footprint, saving people money and time. 

    12. Solar G

    Integrated solar lighting and signaling systems are designed, manufactured, and installed by Solar G. Our systems integrate LED lighting and lithium batteries with the latest in advanced technology. As of 1995, we have focused primarily on providing solar-powered systems for government infrastructure. This includes roads, parks, wharves, and their common areas.

    Among our current clients, our ability to provide turnkey solar lighting solutions has proved to be appealing. Starting with the first site survey or plan, we offer an initial consultation, which continues to the final system design, manufacturing, and quality control.

    13. S-Tech LED Technology

    A member of the Australian Standards Committees for LED technology, S-tech management has over 35 years of experience in the electronics, LED signage, and LED lighting industries. Among our many accomplishments are designing, manufacturing, and managing installations both in Australia and internationally.

    Electrical safety standards are Australia-designed, tested, and certified by S-tech LED products. Through quality manufacturing and component arrangements with leading manufacturers, S-tech customers both locally and internationally can be assured that our product standards are a major concern


    Electricians, Electronics Technicians, and Electrical Engineers, as well as other skilled professionals, make up our knowledgeable and passionate team. We also maintain a large inventory of equipment. 

    14. Light Sense Australia

    With LEDs as the only viable environmental option, Lightsense Australia is the perfect source of high-quality LED lighting for commercial applications. Developed specifically for Australian conditions and standards, Lightsense’s LED products offer a range of commercial LED lighting products.

    15. Leadsun

    Australia is a world leader in environmentally friendly investments, so Leadsun is highly sought after there. The Australian design industry is renowned for supporting minimal and modular designs that support sound environmental causes. Leadsun became the nation’s top choice after all, how did that happen?

    Our company, Leadsun, has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing solar streetlights for over 13 years. Founded in Zhuhai, Guangdong, the company has its headquarters there. 

    16. Sokoyo

    With more than 12 years of experience manufacturing solar streetlights, Sokoyo has a lot to offer. In total, there are 70 exporting countries for the company, with the majority of exports coming from Asia, Africa, and Australia. Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China, is their main factory, but they recently opened a branch in the Philippines.

    Having molds and a professional R&D team, Sokoyo is one of the best brands in the solar street light market. Solar LED street lights from this company are of high quality and last a long time.

    17. Energy Matters

    Solar energy solutions and storage systems are exclusively offered by Energy Matters, one of Australia’s largest companies. Solar systems have been installed on more than 30,000 homes, schools, and commercial buildings by the award-winning company since 2005. In Melbourne, there is a 400kW rooftop solar array – Australia’s largest privately funded solar panel project.

    18. HIGHLUX

    HIGHLUX offers industrial-grade solar solutions all across Australia. The company was founded in 2012, is wholly owned and operated by Australians, and has been supplying its solutions since then.

    From the surf coast to the snowy mountains, our product range is tried and tested in extreme Australian weather conditions.  The company provides solar solutions for remote and challenging locations, such as the Pilbara, Wheatbelt, and Kimberley regions of Western Australia and the Barkly region of the Northern Territory.

    19. Crystal Solar Energy

    Through innovative technologies and processes, Crystal Solar Energy seeks to provide Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. When it comes to energy efficiency, the rule is to use less energy to perform the same task – or eliminate any energy waste.

    The benefits of energy efficiency are many: lowering greenhouse gas emissions, reducing energy imports, and lowering our costs on a household and economy-wide basis. However, improving energy efficiency is often the cheapest and most immediate means of achieving these objectives.

    20. LDC Equipment

    With nearly 30 years of experience in traffic control equipment, traffic management signs, LED displays, and solar lighting towers, LDC Equipment has gained a reputation for superior quality. An Australian company with ISO-9001 quality assurance, Global Traffic Equipment, awarded us marketing and distribution rights in 2006.

    In addition to supplying premium quality products that are locally designed and manufactured, we provide excellent value for money. We have an extensive customer base in a variety of industries, including civil construction, roadworks, traffic control, retail, the public sector, mining, and other industries.


    These solar street lighting manufacturers are bringing solar energy to commercial projects, and their efforts should be lauded. In the long run will bring additional innovation, better solutions, and better-patented designs, but for now, you need to choose a manufacturer that offers high-quality, scalable street light options to fit your budget. Please make sure you get a written estimate ahead of time.

    Bonus: ClodeSun Solar

    ClodeSun (CLODE Optoelectric Co., Ltd.) was established in 2013. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it is a high-tech enterprise in China. But ClodeSun sells a lot of products in Europe.

    Clodesun launched a foldable design all in one solar street light in 2021, which are designed by our German team for more than 1 year and tested for 2 years. This light stands out among various integrated solar streetlights. It is widely praised by customers all over the world.