9 Best Solar Street Light Manufacturers brands in UAE[2024]

solar street light project in Saudia Arabia

Solar power is becoming more prominent in different regions. Before solar power was only introduced via solar panel systems but due to consistent improvements in technology many devices and products are powered by solar energy. Aside from solar panels, another in-demand solar product today is solar street lights. If you look around your surroundings, traditional electric street lights are gradually being replaced with solar-powered street lights. The main reason why people are eventually switching to solar street lights is their light efficiency, eco-friendly features, high performance, and other abundant advantages. 


The Middle East region receives the most abundant sunlight due to its weather conditions that’s why many solar manufacturers take advantage of it by providing solar products such as solar street lights to all types of sectors in the UAE. Many people are gradually switching to solar products due to the cheap solar financing, solar incentives, and tax policies, as well as the low cost of solar PV components across the United Arab Emirates. Below are some of the best solar street light manufacturers in the UAE that you can choose from.

1. Clodesun

ClodeSun (CLODE Optoelectric Co., Ltd.) is a new energy high-tech solar company integrating R&D, production, and sales headquartered in Shenzhen China. The company has been one of the pioneers and made a great contribution to solar street lighting technology in China. In 2021, Clodesun introduced a foldable design All-in-one Solar Street Light designed by their German team. Among other integrated solar street lights in the market, their model receives better recognition across the world due to its abundant benefits and high performance.

Clodesun is not just an ordinary solar street light factory in China. They have a professional team designated from different departments such as design, branding, and sales. They have a professional product R&D team with many years of experience in the solar LED street light field.

2. Truelite Solar

Truelite Solar is a subsidiary company owned by Truelite America LLC, that offers solar lighting solutions with a major focus on Solar Street Lighting. They have been recognized as one of the leading companies in Solar Street Lighting in GCC and MENA region for providing authentic and best solar street lights in the region. The company can design, develop, integrate, and install Solar Street Lighting Systems. They have already made more than 12000 successful installations.

Truelite Solar is a one-stop shop offering solar street lights, solar pole lights, solar panels, and other solar products across Dubai, UAE.

3. Orbix International

Orbix International has been recognized as one of the leading technology companies in Dubai, UAE, offering some really great and innovative solutions in the Green Energy Lighting and Solar Energy Industry. Their brand has been existing for many years, specializing in delivering cost-effective and exceptional solar street light products.

Since Orbix International has a strong background in solar street lighting designing and consulting, they have been responsible for all solar street light installations across the MENA Region. They offer a wide range of solar lighting products and all of them meet the IES Standards helping in reducing your energy costs with zero CO2 emission and maintenance. 

4.Karmica Global

Another solar-powered street lighting manufacturer in Dubai, UAE is Karmic Global. They also supply and export solar products outside the country with a specialization in designing and producing a wide range of solar street lights that you can choose from.

Their solar street lights are made with durable and high-grade raw materials. They are designed and crafted by solar lighting industry experts so you can guarantee a standard quality. The solar street lights are efficient and work in high performance. Besides, it is offered at a very economical price.


Carmanah is a publicly traded company, with common shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “CMH”. They specialize in self-contained solar LEDs. Their lighting and solar power solutions are mostly used within these markets: Outdoor Lighting, Aviation, Obstruction, Marine, and Traffic.

As one of the most trusted and reliable companies in the solar industry, Carmanah has gained a good reputation for providing efficient and effective solar products across the globe. One of the best solar products that they offer is the solar LED light, which is made with durable raw materials. It is a cost-effective energy alternative to traditional electrical street lights.


SWME is based in Dubai and managed by a professional and experienced team of professional Engineers and trained Technical staff. They provide front-line technical support and after-sales service to the customers. One of their core products is solar streetlights. 

SWME solar-powered street lights are well-designed and manufactured to offer lighting solutions in the UAE. Their solar streetlights are available in a wide array of styles and configurations to meet their customers’ specific needs. Solar streetlights consist of highly efficient solar PV panels, DC LED bulbs, deep discharge cycle batteries, charge controllers,  poles, and other solar accessories. 

They also ensure that the lighting system is configured according to the condition of the areas where it will be installed. 

7. Fairyland Solar Light LLC

Fairyland Solar Light LLC is a solar company based in UAE and established in 2008. Their main focus is Solar Energy LED lighting products. They also design solar power plants, provide installation services, and commission solar power projects. They offer a wide variety of LED solar street lights, garden lights, LED indoor and outdoor lighting systems used for residential and commercial properties, and other solar products. The Solar water pumping system is also available. They assure that the products they deliver are high in quality and cost-effective.

8. PTL Solar FZ LLC

PTL Solar is one of the most trusted solar companies in the Middle East and Africa. They provide world-class cost-effective solar energy solutions across the world. They always ensure that their solar solutions, technical skills, best practices, and products will satisfy their customers. PTL Solar is partnered with strategic and largest renewable energy companies to bring the greatest solution related to the solar energy industry. 

With the help of the largest International renewable energy companies, they manage to offer a variety of solar street lights and other solar power systems that can meet any power requirements. Their solar products are usually used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It is also used in aviation, road, transportation, marine, industrial, telecommunication, and other customized solar applications. 

9. Final Thoughts

The solar street light market continues to grow rapidly because many solar companies are starting to provide different models of solar-led street lights. However, while some of those companies provide high-quality solar street light products, others are introducing some cheap and low-quality products. However, let’s admit that finding the best solar streetlights on the market is not an easy thing to do, nowadays. The truth is, some so many solar manufacturers make solar LED street lights out there, and you have to know which is which. You have to evaluate each brand to get the right solar streetlights for you.