20 Best Solar Street Light Manufacturers in the USA in 2024

There are the top 20 solar street light manufacturers in the USA. Sepco, Solar Street Lights the USA, Greenshine New Energy, Sol, Solar Path Solutions, Valen Energy, etc.

Want to light your garden or roads with solar lights? Searching for an excellent provider of solar streetlights? We can help you!  Each one is a guaranteed manufacturer, so you can pick whichever suits your needs, budget, or preferences.  I’d like to give a brief overview of the solar street light market in America. In terms of the development and support of solar streetlights, America has been the most promising country so far. Recent research has shown that coastal states such as California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Oregon have the highest demand for integrated solar streetlights.

1. Sepco

Sepco Solar street lights have been designed, manufactured, marketed, and distributed by SEPCO for over 26 years. With its off-grid solar-powered street lights, SEPCO is one of the leading companies in the renewable energy sector. SEPCO offers many solar street light products. The company currently distributes over 2,100 different models of solar street lighting. 

2. Solar Street Lights the USA

Solar Street Light USA is One of the best manufacturers on this list is Solar Street Lights USA. Solar street lights from this company have impressed the solar lighting industry with their reliability for 30 years. In addition to off-grid solar power solutions, the company produces and engineers solar lighting solutions that include LED lights and on-grid street lighting.

3. Greenshine New Energy

The Greenshine New Energy team is composed of exceptionally talented, certified individuals who are committed to providing renewable energy services. With 30 years of combined experience under one roof, they can respond to your solar lighting project in lightning-fast time.  With over 5000 installations around the world, they specialize in cost-effective lighting systems that combine monocrystalline solar panels to produce significant electrical power even on overcast and cloudy days. Due to the off-grid design of the lights, most of their clients save several thousand dollars from day one on their projects. Solar light towers, solar signage, solar street lights, portable lighting systems, and solar street lighting are some of the services they provide.  Related article: Best 20 Solar Street Light Manufacturers in Europe

4. Sol

Sol Having over 30 years of experience in the field of renewable energy, SOL is highly competitive. A subsidiary of Carmanah Technologies Corp., another world-class company in the solar industry. As a result, the company has been able to produce solar LED outdoor lighting solutions of the highest quality since its inception.

5. Solar Path Solutions

Many different solar-powered applications have been provided by SolarPath Sun Solutions. Solar street lighting technology has been developed, marketed, and sold in the company for over 15 years. In addition to engineering design and customization, Solar Path Solutions offers solar streetlights tailored to the needs of customers. Many different types of outdoor lighting solutions have been created by them, including solar traffic calming systems, solar LED fixtures, and many others.

6. Valen Energy

The solar street light manufacturer Valen Energy has been in business for over 12 years. Solar energy stations that are independent of the grid are designed and manufactured by a company in Texas. In addition to its products, the company exports internationally. Ember LED is a leading provider of LED lighting solutions and solar street lighting and has teamed up with Valen Energy. Ember LED uses the most advanced technology to market and design solar streetlights.

7. Solar One

In addition to designing, manufacturing, and selling commercial-scale solar-powered LED lighting systems, SolarOne Solutions, Inc. offers outdoor signage and lighting systems for applications such as outdoor shelters, parking lots, pathways, streets, and pedestrian areas.   SolarOne began as an environmental technology company in 2004.  By reducing the cost of photovoltaic and LED light fixtures, the company gradually shifted its focus toward off-grid lighting solutions.  Related article: 20 Best Solar Street Light Manufacturers/Brands Selling in Australia 2021

8. Carmanah

The Carmanah Technologies Corporation provides solar lighting and signaling solutions for infrastructure projects around the world. Due to the quality of their street and school zone lighting projects, they are ubiquitous in many communities in 110 countries. Innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions have been developed by them using their global expertise. Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Carmanah was established in 1996. Sabik Offshore and Sol, two brands in their portfolio, are each known for offering LED lighting products that are built to function in some of the harshest environments in the world.

9. Selux

The Selux Group has accumulated quite a bit of experience over the years. The manufacturer specializes in high-efficiency indoor or outdoor lighting systems, originally branded as Semperlux. Currently, their offices are located in 12 different countries around the world. By combining their extensive lighting knowledge with their exceptional materials knowledge, the company “accomplishes the extraordinary.”. 

10. Engo Planet

The solar street light industry has benefited from EnGoPlanet’s experience in the field for 4 years. The company was founded in response to Hurricane Sandy’s devastating impact on Manhattan. The EnGo Planet team has developed several high-performance solar batteries and smart solar streetlights. Having conquered a large market in dozens of Asian countries and countries in Australia, the company has earned a great reputation thus far. 

11. Signify (Phillips)

Signify combines the best of both worlds with high-quality lights that are Internet-connected (IoT). The company provides its customers with energy-efficient lighting products and systems that deliver superior light in any environment. Utilizing their innovative lighting systems, they improve public safety and corporate productivity. There is no other lighting system that can compare to them.

12. Oksolar

Founded over 24 years ago, Oksolar is a manufacturer of solar streetlights. They provide solutions for the military and government sectors. As a mission-critical company, Oksolar has sustained highly visible projects in refugee camps and conflict zones. It offers low-priced products that can be customized according to your needs. The companies they provided services to include Amtrak, the American Red Cross, Chevron Oil, and the U.S. Navy.

13. FirstLight

These are just a few characteristics that describe First Light Technologies perfectly: 90+ years of experience, more than 20 thousand lighting systems manufactured and shipped, and over a thousand percent growth in five years. This year, the company has already experienced some growth. They manufacture solar lights for a variety of clients such as Mariott, American Express, and the Luxor Resort in Las Vegas.

14. Urban Solar

LED lighting solutions and solar power systems are manufactured by Urban Solar for applications including parking lots, pathways, streets, and other public areas that require lighting. Solar-powered LED illumination is the core of Urban Solar’s expertise in public lighting systems. Each project is designed and implemented with the customer’s needs in mind.

15. Green Frog

A quality manufacturer and designer of solar street lamps based in Australia, Green Frog provides lighting for pedestrian walkways and streets. Green Frog supplies solar street lights that can be installed worldwide. To reduce reliance on grid energy and cut out costly energy bills, their systems are designed for remote locations with limited electricity access. For a wide range of industries and applications, they can design custom lighting systems.

16. Universal Green Industries Group Corp.

An energy-saving system manufacturer. Solar panels, LED bulbs, tubes, lights, and lamps are just some of the variety of products available. We also have water pumps, cooking oils, controllers, stents, milk powder, cream, butter, urea, sugar, and rice. LED street light distributor offering energy-saving products. It has a voltage range of 90VAC to 264VAC and a power capacity of 30W/60W/100W to 150W/200W. The heating design comes with various features, including water resistance, bent arms, and wide beam angles. 

17. Acuity

In North America and select international markets, Acuity Brands offers lighting and building management solutions for residential, institutional, commercial, institutional, industrial, and infrastructure applications. Throughout 2018, net sales for the company exceeded 4 billion dollars. Acuity employs more than 12,000 people. With operations spread throughout Asia and Europe, their headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Lighting and solutions from the company include luminaires, lighting controls, components, controllers for various building systems, power supplies, and prismatic skylights. 

18. Eaton

EATON, a power management company with a lighting division, offers a range of innovative and reliable lighting systems built indoors or outdoors. As a reputable lighting company with qualified energy products for the North American market, they serve the industrial, institutional, retail, and commercial sectors. Its success in 2017 was valued at 20 billion dollars, establishing it as a lighting leader.

19. Brandon Industries, Inc.

This company specializes in the construction of park and garden signs, retail centers, plazas, courtyards, and residential, municipal, and commercial signs. The most common kinds of signs are crosswalks, letters, and graphics, as well as safety, warning, sidewalk, traffic, and street names. There are also custom traffic signs such as stop, yield, speed limit, 4-way, keep right, do not enter, etc. A one-year warranty is included. 

20. Solar Illuminations

Our company has been manufacturing and designing solar lighting systems for commercial uses for over 11 years. Over 150,000 solar streetlight projects have been completed by the company worldwide, making it one of the world’s leaders in solar streetlights. Several high-profile companies in Britain and the United States rely on their services.


After reading this guide to the 20 best solar street lights manufacturers in the USA, you probably have a good idea of which one can meet your needs the best. Taking the first step towards realizing your solar lighting vision requires that you contact the company or companies you’re interested in working with.

Bonus: ClodeSun Solar

ClodeSun (CLODE Optoelectric Co., Ltd.) was established in 2013. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it is a high-tech enterprise in China. But ClodeSun sells a lot of products in Europe.

Clodesun launched a foldable design all in one solar street light in 2022, which are designed by our German team for more than 1 year and tested for 2 years. This light stands out among various integrated solar street lights. It is widely praised by customers all over the world.