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Solar led street light battery capacity

With the continued development of solar led street lights, solar street light battery types changed from lead-acid batteries to lithium batteries. So how to calculate the battery capacity of solar-led street lights? Many manufacturers use 20AH lithium batteries with a false mark capacity to impersonate 80AH to customers, access to large profits, 2014 to 2016, […]

30w all in one solar led street light price

When you ask the solar street light manufacturers “the price of 30w all in one solar led street light?” customers will receive many quotes for different prices. Some quotes are high, some are very low, and the competition for solar street light prices varies, why is this? Since there is no unified standard and uniform […]

Solar street light operation & maintenance

Although the installation of integrated solar street lights is very simple, Solar street light operation & maintenance is not easy, we may encounter many problems during the installation process, and after the installation is completed, later maintenance is also very important, which can assure our solar street lights for a long life span. Pre-operation of […]

LED integrated solar street light advantages

LED integrated solar street light has the advantages of long time life, high luminous efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, economy Practical. LED integrated solar street light is powered by monocrystalline silicon solar battery, lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery, ultra-bright Prey 45ML light source, and is controlled by independent research […]

Difference between solar street light and street light?

The All in one solar street lights use sunlight as energy, absorbs sunlight during the day, and convert it into electrical energy, which is stored in the battery. At night, the battery is discharged through the battery to supply power to the lights source. It is green, safe, energy-saving, and durable. Save a lot of […]

Four kinds of solar street lights batteries?

Solar batteries are the main accessories in solar street lights. Currently, there are four types of batteries: lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, Li-ion lithium batteries, and LiFeP04 lithium batteries. The four types of batteries are commonly used in solar street lights. Which battery is the best? Let’s take a look at the characteristics of these four […]

10 reasons for choosing solar led street lights

solar street lights it’s one of the systems where people use them the most. Here are 10 reasons why people prefer choosing solar-led street lights. While there are many nations that’ve been pushing the use of solar energy for street lights, there are still some nations that haven’t followed the same pattern due to various […]

How to choose good quality solar led street lights

Whether it is on the main roads of the city, or on the roads and alleys in the country, whether in the factory or in the community, we can always see solar-led street lights. It is widely used in our lives. However, there is no uniform standard in the solar street light industry, so the […]

How solar street light controllers works

Many people do not know how to adjust the solar street light time in the process of using solar street light controllers. Today we will answer this question. The solar street light controller is also a device for data collection and monitoring control. It has a serial communication data transmission function, manages the charging and […]

Solar street lights Advantages and disadvantages

1. When did all in one solar street lights come into our lives Did you suddenly discover at a certain moment that the once dim road suddenly became clear, the lights that once needed coal power to illuminate were suddenly replaced by solar street lights, and new high-tech began to enter our lives and change […]