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How to design solar street light pole height and distance

If you have one solar street light project in hand, the solar street light suppliers usually will ask you such questions: Could you kindly tell me the width of the road or the height of the pole? We can supply the 3D Dialux simulation photometric according to your information. So how to determine the installation […]

Solar street light project in Liberia installed by Clodesun

Liberia’s mayor revealed that it had installed a 45 nos clodesun Palm tree foldable pilot solar-powered solar street light in Monrovia. The project was implemented with the  Liberia Water Ministry and funded by Liberia’s Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Commenting on the project, Liberia’s mayor said that access to uninterrupted solar clean energy in […]

Solar street light Philippine Government project

Since 2016, we’ve become a top Solar Street Light Supplier in the Philippines. Clodesun finished 860 pieces 64w with 6m pole solar street light Philippines government project, is a trustful all-in-one solar street light supplier. Name of project: solar street lights government project in the Philippine Location of works: Manila Philippine Progress of work: completed […]

Africa’s Solar Street Lights Offer Glimmer of Potential

In 2016, on the northern shore of Lake Victoria, Jinja City sat in darkness. The city, the second-largest in Uganda, had run up an overdue power bill of 1.3 billion Ugandan shillings ($3.5 million), so Umeme, the nation’s largest energy distributor, disconnected the city’s street lights. Even before Umeme cut the power, most roads in […]

Solar led street lights project in Angola

Recently we were approached by a customer to assist in helping them to provide quality all-in-one solar led street lights in Angola that would meet the end-user customer’s expectations for a 5km highway road. As 10 years, solar LED street lighting solution manufacturers we informed them that we can provide a full turn-key solution however […]

What is All-in-One Integrated Solar Street Light?

In our modern world, technology and innovations keep on improving every now and then. Inventions are constantly emerging in many industry sectors which also include the solar lighting technology sector. Since its initial production and launching, it has developed considerably and been continuously changing and improving its features and performance. From the usual rooftop photovoltaic […]

Split solar street light VS. Integrated lamps?

Maybe it is hard to decide to choose all in one solar lamp or split lamps, today, we will conclude why to choose all in one solar street light than split lamps. After analyzing the sales data, we have found out that clients are preferring to integrate into one solar street light instead of a […]

Libya solar street light project

100 pieces 64w with 6m pole Libya solar street light project success install. This all-in-one solar street light project install in a remote district in Libya. ClodesunClodesun has 10 years of experience in producing solar and LED lighting, making our design perfectly adapted to the market’s needs. Clodesun is passionate about solar streetlights and loves […]

In Depth Comparison: Solar Street Light VS. Traditional Street Light

What is the difference between traditional and Solar street light Prices? Clodesun will analyze the cost of the two types of street lights clearly this time. In order to solve this problem, our company’s senior engineering team collected various aspects of knowledge to analyze the cost of traditional street lighting systems and solar street lights. […]

Advantages of integrated solar street light

Integrated solar street lights have good advantages in energy saving, high light efficiency, easy to install, and very good quality with the technique improved now, in modern society, even in a small town, the total power consumption of traditional street lights is quite amazing. In this case, Integrated solar street lights have become more wildly […]