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solar street light project in South Africa

Solar led street light project in South Africa With unprecedented numbers of people accessing public recreational areas across South Africa due to COVID-19 – and councils needing to provide safe access to those spaces – we’ve been busier than ever bringing the light of day into the night for safer, more active communities. This month, […]

Solar led street light project in Qatar

260 units solar led street light project in Qatar Qatar Planners and designers selected clodesun palm tree series LED solar street light system for the massive project. The lights highlighted the architectural detail and natural view of the coastal walk. A total of 260 units of LED solar street light systems in Qatar were installed […]

Best Solar Street Light Manufacturers’ Brands Available in UAE

Solar power is becoming more prominent in different regions. Before solar power was only introduced via solar panel systems but due to consistent improvements in technology many devices and products are powered by solar energy. Aside from the solar panels, another in-demand solar product today is the solar street lights. If you look around your […]

9 Best Solar Street Light Manufacturers Selling in Pakistan

The utilization of solar energy is rapidly increasing in almost every country and currently producing power for all community sectors. In Pakistan, solar street light is widely used as an alternative to the traditional electric street lights to brighten up their roadsides and streets. When it comes to energy deficiency, solar street light is beyond […]

Solar Powered LED Street Light vs. Traditional Street Lights

Everyone wants to know LED solar street lights vs. HPS street lights which is the better option for them. Despite what you would think, LEDs and incandescent bulbs have a plethora of advantages and disadvantages. As we compare LED vs. HPS lighting systems, we want to provide you with some helpful information. It is possible […]

Wholesale Solar Street Light Price & Cost in Nigeria

Around 10% of the 800 million people worldwide living with no access to electricity live in Nigeria. To help give more of its citizen’s access to power, Nigeria has begun rolling out off-grid solar in the southwest of the country. Nigeria support makes, supplies, and finances decentralized solar-powered systems for use in developing countries is […]

What is Smart IOT solar street light

In recent years, with the maturity of intelligent Internet technology, so that lighting towards the road of intelligence. The concept of “smart city” has become a blue ocean market that all related industries are competing for. In the construction process, cloud computing, big data, and other new-generation information technology innovation applications become mainstream. Lighting, as […]

20 Best Solar Street Light Manufacturers Selling in the Philippines

The Philippines is a developing country experiencing rapid economic growth in the past few years, which has led to an increase in demand for products such as solar street lights. With so many suppliers available on the market today, it can be challenging to choose which one to purchase from which company.  20 Best Solar […]

20 Best Solar Street Light Manufacturers Selling in South Africa

Solar street lights are lighting systems that rely on solar power to deliver illumination. Such a first lighting system was developed in Japan, and then it spread all across into other countries. The technology has brought a revolution to outdoor lighting campaigns that benefit both environmental conservation, energy savings along with reducing carbon footprint.  The […]

Solar Street Light IP65 (INGRESS PROTECTION)?

The IP (INGRESS PROTECTION) protection system was drafted by the IEC (INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION) to classify electrical appliances according to their dust and moisture-proof characteristics. The first number indicates the level of dust proofing and protection of the appliance from foreign objects, while the second number indicates the degree of sealing of the appliance against […]