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Solar Street Light Project in USA

Due to aging lighting, the barracks decided to renovate its lamppost fleet by choosing solar ☀ lighting More than fifty street lamps have been installed to secure the comings and goings of staff. The installation of 460 solar street lights in the commune of California United States has boosted socio-economic life. ➡ Reduction of the […]

5 Best Solar Street Light Manufacturers Selling in Saudi Arabia

Solar street lights are cost-effective and energy-saving products that are gaining traction in today’s market as they become more popular use. In recent years, Solar street light Manufacturers are mushrooming all over the world at the moment, and the competition is becoming increasingly serious. Finding the best quality manufacturers of solar street lights in Saudi […]

Solar street light project in Kuwait

In Kuwait City, our solar street lights are perfect for lining highways, providing safe neighborhoods, and creating attractive tourist destinations. The 12-meter-wide highway leads to the Al Jahra Governorate Kuwait, Clodesun suggests using our new patent design 100w palm tree solar street light with 8m pole, and considering the project located on the highway, we […]

Why People Don’t trust China’s Solar Street Lights Now

Recently, a Malaysian and Australian customer was sad to talk with me and said that they are no longer wanted to sell solar street lights system because the life of the solar street lights they bought never exceeded two years, I sympathize with their experience deeply, the solar street light market is very confusing these […]

2021 German New Design Solar Street Light

As the solar street light market continues to grow rapidly with more than 25%, more and more companies are starting to provide different solar led street light solutions, some of those companies provided very good and high-quality products, but unfortunately, most companies started to introduce to market some very cheap and low-quality products, that product looks nice […]

236 pieces solar street lights project in Saudi Arab

 Solar street light project in Saudi Arabia analysis Saudi Arabia is a country known for its abundance of oil, and burning oil has been its primary source of electricity. However, as both the oil prices and the electricity demand increased, the Saudi government has turned to the notion of solar power, so the solar street […]

Hyper tough solar street light Lumens

Do you know how many lumens you need for your solar street light? Today, we’ll help you choose the best lumens/brightness for solar street light applications. What is a Lumen and Why It Matters? Lumen measures how bright a light is, or the intensity of brightness it emits. Nowadays, we use this unit of measurement […]

How many rainy days can solar street light last

As we all know the working principle of lithium integrated solar street light is to receive solar light during the day to convert electrical energy stored in the battery, and at night through the battery discharge supply LED lights. Therefore, the number of rainy days is a very important reference factor when configuring solar street lights. […]

Top 5 best solar street light with pole manufacturers

Solar Street Light is one of the best investments for the future that supports renewable energy initiatives. Initial costs may be high, but it can potentially save you millions in just 5 years. If you are looking for a solar street light pole factory in the world, in this article, we have summarized the top […]

All in one solar street light project in UAE

All in one solar street light project in UAE Upgrade the road lighting with clodesun Freedom Lite series battery backup LED street lights in UAE. FREEDOM Lite series battery backup LED street light is specially designed against the power outages challenge for the blackout prone area. It works at full power with electricity and automatically […]