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Top 5 best Vertical Solar Street Lights manufacturers[ 2024]

Solar Street Light is one of the best investments for the future that supports renewable energy initiatives. Initial costs may be high, but it can save you millions in just 5 years. If you are looking for a Vertical solar street light factory in the world, we have summarized the top 5 best solar street […]

5 Reasons Why Solar Street Light doesn’t Work

Solar street lights are widely used in our daily lives, in both urban and rural areas, on main roads or country lanes, and in scenic spots or courtyards. They bring significant convenience to our nighttime activities. However, since solar street lights are exposed to the outdoors, they are susceptible to environmental influences, leading to potential […]

Case Study: Solar street light project in Chile

Solar Street Light in Chile Overview Chile has a diverse climate with varying conditions across different regions. The climate in Chile can be broadly categorized into several zones, including the desert climate of the Atacama Desert in the north, the Mediterranean climate in central Chile, and the subpolar climate in the southern regions. The climate […]

1500 Solar Street Lights Project in Colombia

Why Solar Street  light Is a Good Choice for Colombia Colombia can be a suitable location for installing solar streetlights for several reasons: Abundant Sunshine: Colombia is located near the equator, and it experiences a tropical climate with relatively consistent sunlight throughout the year. This makes it an ideal candidate for solar energy systems, as […]

2024 Solar Light Price: How Much Do They Cost?

How much does the LED Street light price list Clodesun provided a list of LED street lights with their respective lengths and wattage ranges, along with associated price ranges as follows: 3m 20W-30W LED street light $45-50. 4m 30W-40W LED street light $50-58. 5m 30W-50W LED street street light $62-70. 6m 30W-80W LED street lamp […]

2024 Solar Street Lights’ Honest Bad Review

Reviewing solar street lights is an important aspect of ensuring their performance and efficiency. As senior engineers, We reviewed a solar street light today. I purchased this solar street light online for $17, and unfortunately, it turned out to be a major disappointment. Despite the attractive stats and the abundance of similar-looking lights in various […]

Solar Street Light with Intelligent Monitoring System

Why Clodesun launched the solar street light intelligent monitoring system solution The deployment of green energy solutions, such as solar street lights, plays a crucial role in modern urban development with a focus on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Solar street lamps harness energy from the sun and convert it into electricity, providing a clean […]

2024 Five-Star Review Solar Street Light

As an employee in the solar street lighting industry for over a decade, I recently evaluated a one-star (black exterior) solar street light in our last assessment. This time, I have reviewed a five-star (silver-gray exterior) solar street light. Here, We will compare them and inform everyone why I ultimately give such scores. At the […]

216 Units Solar Street Light Project in Brazil

Recently, 216 Solar streetlights have been installed in São Paulo, Brazil, effectively addressing the issue of nighttime illumination for the local population. This pertains to a key transportation artery. The road segment underwent widening and renovation last year, making it more convenient. However, the absence of streetlights made it unsafe. With the installation of the […]

Split Solar Street Light VS. Integrated Lights?

Solar street lights have 2 types, split solar street lights, and integrated solar street lights, The main differences are the component parts, price, installation complexity, technical parameters, scope of application, maintenance, etc, there are no absolute advantages and disadvantages, according to the use of occasions, we can choose according to the use of the occasion. […]