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1200 Sets Solar Street Lights Project in Bahrain

Project Name: 1200 Sets of All In One Solar Street Light Project in Bahrain Date: Aug 2022 Project Type: Government solar street light project Project Site: Bahrain Quantity and specific configuration: 1200pcs Clode-CF 100W All In One Solar Street Light with 10-meter poles Description: This solar street light project is located on the road still […]

Hybrid Mains Complementary Solar Street Light

Solar street light is a new generation Zero Emissions, Zero Fuel or Running Costs, Zero Maintenance of energy conservation, and environmental protection product, solar street lights are a combination of two aspects of technology: solar power generation technology and LED lighting technology, completing two technologies with complementary advantages. But because of the limitations on solar […]

Smart Self-Cleaning Solar Street Light

As we know, the dust cover on the solar panel would reduce the solar power generation efficiency. So we need to clean the solar panel after installation regularly. especially in the Middle East area with Sandstorm Weather, It is easy to use a piece of equipment to clean the solar panel’s array that is mounted […]

2023 Solar Street Light Price in Dubai

As a manager who has been in the solar street light business for about 10 years, the most frequently asked question is, How much do your solar street lights cost? Today, The questions now are, how much do integrated solar street lights cost in Dubai? Solar Power Overview in Dubai. Dubai is the most populous […]

Solar Street Light Price in Malaysia in 2023

There are a lot of solar street light brands in the Malaysian market these years, maybe different brands of solar street lights have different prices because the solar street light accessories, sizes, and Capacities are not the same, another critical factor is the location of the suppliers, with this out of the way, there are […]

Industrial Solar Street Lights Install in Dubai

Solar street light suitable for installation in Highway lighting/Street/road lighting/Walkway/pathway lighting Parking lot lighting/Residential public lighting/Park/campus/tourist resort lighting/Industrial park/construction site lighting/Sign/Billboard lighting/Security/Temporary lighting/Rural area/Farming lighting and so on. Industrial Solar Street Light project in Dubai analysis Dubai is a district known for its abundance of oil, and burning oil has been its primary source of […]

2023 Guidance of Solar Street Light Design Caculation

Solar street light is charged by solar panel in the daytime and work at night, there is a built-in lithium battery, and different solar panel and battery configuration can meet different illumination requirement. In this article, Clodesun will introduce the solar street light design calculation. Solar Street lights Battery Design Step 1, calculate the current: […]

2023 Philips Solar Street Lights’ Honest Review

Sunlight is a non-polluting, inexhaustible, and reliable source of power. Photovoltaic (PV) technology is becoming the most efficient way of supplying energy due to air pollution, global climate change, and resource scarcity. Solar LED energy has the advantage of being an efficient alternative to CFL.  Philips solar streetlights are a great solution when electricity is […]

Solar street light with automatic motion sensor

Highway solar street lights project in Saudi Arabia, completed in 2022. 500units of 100W & 120W CF Series all-in-one solar street lights are applied in this project. Excellent patentin integrated design makes it very easy to install and maintain. Intelligence MPPT controller realizes intelligent street lighting control. Motion sensor makes the lamps save electricity more […]

How many Lumens do I need for solar street light?

If you want to know how many lumens you need for your solar street light. Today, we’ll help you choose the best lumens/brightness for your all-in-one solar street light applications. What is a Lumen and Why It Matters? Lumen measures how bright a light is, or the intensity of brightness it emits. Nowadays, we use […]