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Split Solar Street Light VS. Integrated Lights?

Solar street lights have 2 types, split solar street lights, and integrated solar street lights, The main differences are the component parts, price, installation complexity, technical parameters, scope of application, maintenance, etc, there are no absolute advantages and disadvantages, according to the use of occasions, we can choose according to the use of the occasion. […]

2023 Top 5 Solar Street Light Manufacturers in China

If you are looking for the best quality solar street lights manufacturers in 2023 in China, in this article, we discuss the top five best quality solar street lights in China. 5 key points buying guide when buying solar street lights For customers, what they consider about the solar streetlights they will buy will be […]

How long is the lifespan of solar street lights?

The Lifespan of a solar street light mainly depends on its accessories, including solar panels, controllers, batteries, and light sources, the shortest is the battery, the service life of lithium batteries used now is more than 5 years, and the general life of the solar street lamps are 5 to 8 years. Still, the replacement […]

Top 7 Advantages of Solar Street Lights

solar street lights have good advantages in energy saving, high light efficiency, ease of installation, and very good quality with the technique improved now, in modern society, even in a small town, the total power consumption of traditional street lights is quite amazing. In this case, Integrated solar streetlights have become more widely used in […]

What is the Price of Solar Street Light with Poles

As someone who has been in the solar street light industry for over 15  years, the most frequently asked question is, What is the price of your solar street light? But before we answer that question, let’s analyze first some of the major factors influencing solar street light prices. Major factors affecting solar street light […]

Top 5 Countries for Solar Street Lighting Installations

As we all know, solar street lights are suitable for installation in places with very good sunlight. There are three most suitable districts to install solar streetlights 1. Southeast Asia Southeast Asia is always a hot spot for the application of solar energy due to its tropical location and sufficient sunshine all year round. 2. […]

4 Types of Batteries for solar street light?

The battery capacity directly affects the performance and functionality of solar streetlights. A battery with a larger capacity can power brighter LED lights, cover a wider area, and provide enhanced lighting intensity. This results in improved visibility, increased safety, and better security in the illuminated areas. Consequently, solar street lights with higher battery capacities offer […]

6 Solar Street Light Projects Failure Stories!!!

In a lot of African countries, installing solar street lights has been a viable option for lighting up the roads. So what fuels the growth? And what do decision-makers need to be aware of when purchasing solar streetlights? Why are solar streetlights becoming increasingly popular? One of the biggest advantages of a solar street light is that […]

7 Questions You Need to Ask Before Starting Solar Light Project

When you install a traditional commercial solar street light, you don’t often need to be concerned with whether it will be “bright” enough or will operate continuously because there is an expectation that it will work as specified. You trench, lay cables, connect to the utility, and bam—you have light! However, if you’re looking to […]

Case Study: Solar Street Light Project in Burkina Faso

People are afraid to go out in the past at night in Burkina Faso, After installing the solar street light in 2023, we can often come out at night and have a walk “, “We do not need a torch at home at night, When the solar street light is on, even if there is […]