6 Tips to Choose Solar Street Light

400w solar street light

Solar energy, a green energy source, and How to correctly choose solar street lamps, have received widespread attention from everyone in recent years. Today Clodesun will talk to you about the impact of parameters on product quality and how to choose an insurance solar street lamp.

Whether solar lights are of good quality depends on three points:

1: Brightness, the brighter the light, the more sense of security it gives people.

2: Last hours at night, a lamp that can continue to light up all night will give people a higher degree of trust.

3: Life span, no matter how cheap something is, you don’t want it to break after a few days of use. The price here is directly proportional to the quality.

However, in recent years, due to the vicious low-price competition of some suppliers who lack integrity, the solar street light market is leading to an embarrassing situation full of misleading information, and disorderly competition. The price of solar street lights with the same wattage may differ by 10 times; even if they look similar, the price will differ by 2 to 3 times. This is the current state of chaos in the market.

So How to choose Solar Street Lights, there are 6 tips as following: 

1. Solar street light internal structure

Solar street lights are a complex system, but this is only for the manufacturing process of the manufacturer; for dealers, contractors, installers, and users, it is very simple to distinguish the pros and cons of solar street lights! After getting samples from different manufacturers, take them apart and look at every accessory, and you have a 60% chance of seeing the truth.

Quality solar street light

2. Solar Street Lamps panels Size and types

1. Power & Size: Generally speaking, the power of a solar panel depends on its size; when the prices of two solar street lights differ several times, first compare their solar panel sizes.

All in one solar led street light

2. Type & Efficacy: The efficiency of monocrystalline solar panels is higher than that of polycrystalline solar panels; of the same size, the power of monocrystalline solar panels is higher than that of polycrystalline ones.

solar street light pv types


√Professional solar street light 20W vs.                ×  low-price solar street light 20W

Monocrystalline solar panel power: 35~40Wp  ×Solar panel size: 270*220 mm

√Solar panel size: 820*272 mm                               ×Solar panel size: 270*220 mm


3. Solar Street Light Controller types and Waterproof Levels

1. Type of controller: MPPT or PWM? Usually, an MPPT controller is more efficient and costly than a PWM.

2. IP level: IP: refers to the waterproof level of the controller, which determines the service life of the controller. As shown on the right side of the picture below, the service life of a bare-board controller without waterproof treatment is much lower than that of a controller with a high waterproof level.

Solar street light controllers MPPT vs PWM

Solar street light controllers MPPT vs PWM


4. Solar Street Light Battery Types

Batteries are the key to cost and supplier quotations. They are the most controversial part of solar streetlights. Most unscrupulous merchants make huge profits by selling low-priced and inferior batteries as substandard ones.

A-class LiFePO4 Lithium> B-class LiFePO4 Lithium>Ternary Li-ion Lithium> Broken Lithium detached from the electric car(D-class), over 90% of Solar street light manufacturers use broken lithium batteries which are detached from Electricity cars, lifespan less than one year.

 A class solar street light batteryC class solar street light battery

4. Solar street lights Types and quantities of LED chips

1. LED chip & LED light efficiency: Different suppliers use different LED lamp beads, and the costs are also different. Take the 3030 chip as an example. For chips of the same size, if the manufacturer is different, the light efficiency, light attenuation, and service life of the chip are greatly different.

It is recommended to choose suppliers of famous brand chips, such as PHILIPS, CREE, SEOUL, and OSRAM.

solar street light LED chips

solar street light LED chips

2. Number of LEDs: At present, there is a wrong trend of thought: the more lamp beads, the higher the wattage of the lamp. So everyone started counting lamp beads. Adding lamp beads has almost no meaning in improving the brightness (luminous flux) of the lamp.

Taking Philips 3030 lamp beads as an example, when the driving power is within 0.5~0.7W/unit, the light efficiency of the lamp beads is in the high light efficiency range. Therefore: What determines the illumination of solar streetlights is the actual electrical power, not the number of LED lamp beads.

solar street light led chips quantities

solar street light led chip quantities

When people buy solar street lights, their core focus should be on comparing the luminous flux (LM) of the lights, which is the brightness, rather than the so-called wattage (W)!

5. Solar street light radiator

A good quality cooling and heat dissipation device is very necessary for LED light sources. LED modules without radiators will rapidly decay and accelerate aging. The brightness of the lamp will drop rapidly and the service life will be greatly shortened.

Solar street light radiator

Solar street light radiator

6. Solar street light Case material

1. Material: High-quality solar street lights use aluminum alloy casings, while low-priced street lights use iron or plastic materials.

all in one solar street light

2. Screws & Bolts: High-quality solar street lights use 304 stainless steel screws and anti-corrosion bolts; street lights installed on the seaside are equipped with 316 screws.

solar street light screws and bolts

solar street light screws and bolts

3. Appearance & size: For professional solar lighting projects, the focus should be on the rationality and stability of the lamp body structure, rather than the appearance of the lamp; there is no need to be overly obsessed with the appearance or spend too much money on the appearance.

All in one solar led street light

When purchasing solar street lights, relative brightness, quality, lifespan, and appearance should always be the last considerations.


Solar street lights systems are project products, usually, a project needs dozens to thousands of sets of solar street lights, if you accidentally choose a low-quality solar street light, you will suffer huge losses, so I recommend customers choose carefully, do not just focus on low-cost products, Investing in a high-quality solar street light may result in long-term cost savings. and I hope that Clodesun summary of choose quality solar street light experience can give you some help.