5 main factors affect solar street light project proposal

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A solar street light project proposal is a key factor that influenced the success of the project, which is rather apparent, Before starting a solar street light project, there are 5 factors that you need to consider in advance, such as the installation site, installation location, local environmental factors, latitude, lighting conditions, dust, corrosion, typhoon, and so on, following are the 5 main factors that need to consider in a Solar Street Light Project Proposal.

Solar street light installation location

Solar street lights can be installed in a wide range of locations, For example, Airport, Highway and roadway lighting, Park and Playground lighting, village roads, etc.

So we need to consider the amount of traffic or activity in the area that needs illumination. For example, if solar street lights are installed on highways or airports, the traffic of people and vehicles is very busy and the lighting illuminations are relatively high. For example, especially on the highway, the client usually requires 100% 12 hours at night and last 3-4 rainy days. Conventional solar street lights can not meet the lighting requirements. then we need to consider enlarging the size of the solar panel and the capacity of the battery, another method is to increase the capacity of the solar street light battery and reduce the power of the LED.

When solar street lights are installed in parks and village roads, the traffic of people is not very busy, and the illumination requirements are not high. The government can consider using conventional solar street lights at this time in order to save costs and energy.

Therefore, a complete analysis of the Solar street light installation location and traffic pattern to determine the peak and off-peak hours and illuminations. This information will help you look for the best option to make a Project Proposal.

The panel must not get any shadow including the pole.

solar street light PANEL shadow

Trees or buildings do not exceed lamps too high in case of shadows on the solar panels, Nowadays, our country pays more attention to greening projects, leading to many solar streetlight projects that will follow greening projects. However, in summer thunderstorms, the trees near the solar streetlights are easily blown down by strong winds, destroyed, or directly damaged. Therefore, the trees around the solar streetlight should be pruned regularly, especially in the case of the wild growth of plants in summer. Ensuring the stable growth of trees can reduce the damage to solar streetlights caused by dumping trees.

Since Solar street lights depend on the energy from sunlight, the amount of shade in the area is essential in a solar street light project proposal.

Shading like (cloud cover, tree cover, and roof cover) and any obstruction will block the sunlight required to produce electricity for your solar street light. present in the area that you want to illuminate.

So when we make a Solar Street Light Project Proposal we need To ensure that the panel does not get any shadow from any object including the pole, and install the solar street lights under the tree with the solar system remotely mounted on a sunny area nearby or install the street lights with poles taller than the trees.

Sunlight conditions and latitude of the installation area

Before the solar street light project proposal, we need to know the weather and geographic latitude of the region. Solar street lights are suitable for installation in enough sunlight places, like Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asian countries, but not suitable install in such as Canada, Russia, etc., because Canada and Russia have long winters, the temperature is very low, and snows often.

However, when installing street lights in places with high temperatures, we need to consider the impact of high temperatures on the efficiency of solar panels. Because the temperature is too high will cause the opposite effect on the production of solar panels and prematurely damage solar cells.

Solar street lights are also suitable for installation in high latitudes, but when installed in high latitudes, in order to make the solar panels face the sun to absorb more solar energy, we can use foldable design solar street lights. The foldable design of solar street lights can improve solar panel conversion efficiency by 10%-20%.

So solar street light project proposal should take into account the local sunlight lighting conditions and the latitude of the install area.

Local government regulations and restrictions

Some countries and regions are very strict with solar street light installation, especially in coastal countries, they have particularly high requirements for the anti-corrosion and typhoon resistance of solar street lights installed, such as in the Philippines, Malaysia, etc., and some countries have particularly serious local sandstorms. Like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Middle East countries,  these country government requires that solar street lights need to have an automatic cleaning function system, which can help clean the sand and dust on the solar panel.

Therefore, the installation’s high requirements for pole height or wind load should also be met before making a solar street light project proposal. These requirements will help you determine the type of material and the design of the solar lighting system.

The solar street light Illumination level

Before we make a solar street light project Proposal, we need to ask one question? Could you kindly tell me the width of the road or the height of the pole? We can supply the 3D Dialux simulation photometric according to your information,

Brightness levels must include in a solar street light project proposal. Lighting Illumination levels require the determination of parameters such as the road width, pole height, pole position (center, both sides,s or on one-sided), pole and pole distance, module angle, and arm length.

After determining lumens, we also need to eliminate glare, light pollution, uneven light patterns, and wasted energy.

So before we make a good solar street light project proposal, we need to confirm the solar street light illumination level which can Guide how to install solar street lights and can also simulate the effect of solar street lights after installed


Before the solar street light project proposal, if the above five factors can be considered, not only can the installation cost be saved, but if the solar street light project is successfully installed, many people will benefit from it.

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