5 Top Solar Street Light Manufacturers Selling in Saudi Arabia[2024]

solar street light in Saudi Arabia

Solar street lights are cost-effective and energy-saving products that are gaining traction in today’s market as they become more popular use. In recent years, Solar street light Manufacturers are mushrooming all over the world at the moment, and the competition is becoming increasingly serious.

Finding the best quality manufacturers of solar streetlights in Saudi Arabia can be a very daunting task.

If you are looking for the best quality solar street light manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, you are so right. These are the top 5 best solar street light manufacturers in Saudi Arabia as follows.

Following are the 5 Best Solar Street Light Suppliers in Saudi Arabia

solar street light project in Saudi Arabia


Al-Babtain is a reputed group in the power and telecom industry. Well-defined history of successfully accomplished projects and years of expertise in satisfying customer requirements, Al-Babtain is the right choice for your energy needs. Al-Babtain is committed to providing high-quality products that create a huge change in the surrounding infrastructure. Every single project is a new venture that displays our innovative work skills. Al-Babtain is proud of creating such magnificent towers or structures with surpassing standards of quality. Al-Babtain telecom offers hassle-free telecommunication services with great connectivity. Interested to show your expertise in the power and telecom industry, then support us and be a part of Al-Babtain.


Clodesun has been long been a reputable supplier for the Saudi Arabia market for years.

Clodesun launched a new solar street light product which they call “foldable design all-in-one solar street light this year. The product was designed by their German team for almost one year and tested for two years before its actual launch. With its commendable features and specs, this solar street light made a high edge among various integrated solar street lights in the market. Currently, it is widely used by solar enthusiasts all over the world.

Product Features:

Foldable Design
Better Heat Transfer.
Easy & Quick Installation– When you install their solar street lights, you don’t have to use any power or cables, and it only requires 2 mounting steps to install.​
Wider in Size and Larger in Capacity-
A-class LiFePO4 Lithium. Although their cost is higher than other batteries, their lifespan will be extended by more than three to five years. So, if your project is in the tropics, a LiFePO4 battery is recommended. But if the project is in northern countries, we advise ternary lithium batteries.


Alanwar is a leading factory in Saudi Arabia in the production of street light poles, solar street lights, and lighting accessories. The factory was established in 1392 in the 1st industrial City in Riyadh and was developed in 1421 to integrate the production and manufacturing of interior and exterior lighting, to meet the constant demands on the products of the factory which has widespread customer bases in all cities of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The company has since then become a world-class company providing leading-edge technology-based solutions that will deliver the highest standards of quality Design, Manufacture, and Service. The company now is a premium provider of solutions for the urban streetscape encompassing urban design solutions, and special street equipment solutions.

Solar Lighting International

Solar Lighting International, Inc. is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of superior commercial solar lighting products. Solar Lighting International has been producing quality solar lighting systems since 2004 when the X-35 series commercial solar light was released. SLI has a team of engineers committed to moving the industry into high-quality commercial solar LED lighting. Our products are designed and engineered in the United States and are a symbol of high-quality solar lighting solutions.

Solar Lighting International has offices in South Carolina and Amman, Jordan. We have a variety of selected installing partners in the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, California, Arizona, Connecticut, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.


iSolardesign Limited, an affiliate of ARC Southern Energy group, is based in the suburbs of Houston, Texas, USA. ARC was established in 2007 as one of the leading developers of waste-to-energy projects in the USA. As a part of our commitment to promote renewable and clean energy throughout the world, ARC entered into a joint-venture agreement with a major industrial Holding company in Saudi Arabia and Greenshine New Energy of California in 2012 to design and build a solar street light factory in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Our annual production capacity of 30,000 units consists of solar panels, LED fixtures, poles, and accessories.

Wrapping Up

Finding the best solar street lights include reputable manufacturers and high-quality features.

We sincerely hope you can find a street lighting solution for your business. Long-lasting, and of high quality. Contact Clodesun today for your solar street light needs.