3 tips to choose solar street lights?

solar street light pole

Different roads situations, the size, height, shape, and material of the solar street light for pole are different. So how we choose solar street lights pole, following are 3 tips guidance.

Solar street lights are composed of solar panels, batteries, LED lights, controllers, etc. When choosing solar street lights, people pay more attention to the quality of these accessories but ignoring the poles. Even light poles just play a role in supporting solar street lights. In fact, the selection of solar street lights poles is also very important.

1. Solar street lights poles height requirements

Taking rural roads as an example, most of the lamps and lanterns used are within 20W, installed at a height of 5-6 meters pole, with a spacing of about 20 meters and an average illumination of 5-10lx.

Urban road traffic flow is busier, the illumination requirements of the road are also relatively high. Most of the lamps and lanterns used in the power of 15W to above, the installation height of 5-10 meters pole, spacing of 15-30 meters or so, the average illumination in 8-20lx, part of the highway or the main road will be higher.

Generally, 5-6m light poles are suitable for rural roads, and 6-12m solar led street light poles are used for dual-lane country roads. In addition, the traffic flow on the road must also be taken into consideration.

palm tree solar street light

2. Solar Street Lights Pole Material requirements

The material of the solar-led street lamp pole will directly affect its lifespan. Nowadays, the common light poles are rolled from Q230 steel. The corrosion resistance of this material itself is bad, so the surface will be galvanized to enhance the corrosion resistance of the light pole.

solar street light pole

solar street light pole

For example, hot-dip galvanizing or cold-dip galvanizing. Relatively speaking, the anti-corrosion performance of the hot-dip galvanizing light pole is better. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the light pole treated in this way when purchasing. In addition, some of the solar-led street light poles that are often seen now also have surfaces that are stainless steel or anodized. The corrosion resistance of these two materials is also particularly excellent. However, these two types of light poles are more expensive. Users can choose according to their own budget.

3. solar street lights poles diameter thickness

The diameter thickness of the solar street light pole can affect wind resistance and sufficient load-bearing capacity. so the wall thickness should be determined according to the specific scene of solar street lamp power, size, and weight. For example, 3~5m street lights must have a wall thickness of at least 2.5cm, 5~10m street lights must have a wall thickness of 4~4.5cm, and 8~15m high street lights must have a wall thickness of at least 6-cm. If the solar street light is installed where there are strong typhoons and heavy snow, the thickness of the diameter of the light pole needs to be thicker.


All these factors people need to considered when choosing solar street light poles. For every street lamp, the pole height setting is reasonable, too high or too low will affect its use efficiency, The material and thickness determines the price of the solar street light pole, we recommend that people do not choose a low-priced solar street light pole for the sake of cheap, because they may cause safety problems.

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