3 steps to distinguish solar street lights?

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How can we distinguish good quality solar street lights, we can screen from the following three aspects, solar panels, solar battery, and solar controllers.

Whether it is on the main road of the city or on the country road, factory, or in the community, we can always see the picture of solar street lights. It is widely used in our lives, and manufacturers of solar street lamps are becoming more and more It’s not surprising that it’s mixed, and it’s a new field, making it easy for consumers to make trouble when picking.

First, how to choose solar street lights solar panels

First of all, we have to determine the photoelectric conversion rate (conversion rate = power/area) of the solar panel. The panel is closely related to this parameter.

There are two kinds of single-crystal silicon and polycrystalline silicon. Generally speaking, the conversion rate of polycrystalline silicon is usually around 14%. The highest can only reach 19%, while the conversion rate of single crystal silicon can be as low as 17% and up to 24%.

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In terms of conversion rate, it is better to choose solar panels with single crystal silicon panels, but the production cost of such panels is higher than that of polysilicon panels, so the unit price will be more expensive, and the choice can be based on their own needs;

In addition, the formula for the conversion rate can be seen. Under the same power, the smaller the panel area, the higher the conversion rate.

Second, how to solar street lights choose the battery

Good solar street lights should ensure sufficient lighting time and lighting brightness. To do this, the requirements for the battery are naturally not low. Currently, there are mainly lead-acid batteries (colloidal batteries) and lithium iron phosphate batteries on the market.

The traditional lead-acid battery has stable voltage, low price, and relatively simple maintenance. However, this battery has lower energy than energy and has a shorter service life. It requires frequent maintenance on a daily basis.

The rapidly developing lithium iron phosphate battery has obvious advantages in terms of depth of discharge and charging aging. It has strong adaptability to the environment and can generally be used in an environment of -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C. After special treatment, The temperature can be adapted to a minimum of -45 ° C, and the application environment is more extensive.

The life span can reach 7~8 years, and it is more worry-free to use. In addition, the lithium iron phosphate battery is smaller in size and weight than the lead-acid battery, and the construction is simpler and the effect is more.

Therefore, the lithium iron phosphate battery in the battery is The second choice is the lithium iron phosphate battery used in the south solar street light. The lighting time is long and the brightness is bright enough.

Third, how to choose solar street lights solar controller

In the solar power generation system, the solar controller is a device that controls the solar battery to charge the battery to supply electricity. It operates continuously for one day, and its power consumption is preferably controlled below 1 mAh, avoiding excessive power consumption and affecting power generation efficiency.

It is best to have a three-stage charge control mode of strong charge, balance, and float charge to ensure power generation efficiency.

solar street light controller

In addition, the controller should have two separate control functions, so that the power adjustment of the street lamp can automatically turn off one or two channels of illumination during the period of fewer pedestrians, which is beneficial to the power saving. It is assembled and distributed through the form of outsourcing. Philips has done a very successful job in this respect. It is really not going to be chosen.

It is also possible to look for such a big brand. Others such as chips can also choose the Philips brand and the LED lamp beads. You can consider the brands of Japan’s Nichia and the United States Corey. They are industry leaders in related fields. The solar street lamps in the south have cooperated with these manufacturers to fully guarantee the quality of street lamps.

In short, although the solar street lights are good, there are always some counterfeit and shoddy products on the market, which will cause troubles in the use process. When choosing, we must inspect them in many aspects. The above opinions hope to give you some reference.