Integrated solar street light

3 factors affecting the life of solar street lights

Solar street lights is a lighting tool that can be used by relying on solar photovoltaic. It can be installed on site as long as there is sufficient sunlight. It is called a green product because it does not pollute the environment. Solar street lights are installed outdoors and are therefore affected by natural factors. Therefore, in order to ensure the reliability of the quality of street lights , the factors that affect the service life of solar street lights are as follows:

1.Light source on solar street light

solar led street light

General street light sources include low-pressure sodium lamps, low-voltage electrodeless lamps, LED lights, etc. Solar street lights use LED light sources. The biggest feature of LED light sources is that they have a long life of 50,000 hours. Assuming that they are used for 10 hours a day, the life is at least In the year, LED light source is more expensive than ordinary light source, but its quality is reliable.

2.Controller for solar street light

The function of the solar controller is to control the solar cell panel to charge the battery and power the solar street light. A stable solar controller plays an important role in battery life.

3. Solar street lights use batteries

solar street light battery difference

The quality performance of the battery directly affects the life of the street light. Generally, the battery is selected to have a relatively stable quality, so the price will be more expensive than that of ordinary manufacturers, and a good battery will last a long time.

Paying more attention to the above points in the design of solar street lights can better extend the service life of solar street lights.

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