250 Sets of Solar Street Lights don’t work at Night in Malaysia

Solar street light project in Malaysia

Ms. Varie from Malaysia said that the solar street lights on both sides of a township road in front of her home had been damaged for three or four years but had not been repaired and had become a decoration, causing them a lot of trouble when traveling at night. Malaysian citizens have repeatedly No corrections have been made to the reports.

Ms. Varie said that there are 6.6 kilometers of township roads in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Two rows of street lights along the road are not lit all year round. Nearly 5 kilometers of them are solar panel street lights and 2 kilometers of street lights are powered by the grid.


Since there is no other lighting at night and the road conditions are dark, vehicles will turn on their high beams when passing by, especially dump trucks with high beams on. Ms. Varie always feels frightened every time she rides by.

This road is an important traffic artery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Many people come here to run at night. In addition, many citizens pass by on bicycles. When there are more cars and people, the street lights become decorations, which naturally poses a huge safety hazard. Neighboring residents said they did not dare to cross the road at night.

Ms. Varie said: “It’s crab season, and some people at home want to come up to sell crabs. They all set out from home at one or two o’clock in the morning. Tricycles don’t have very bright lights. If you wear a headlight, the light will be too bright. It will irritate the cars coming from the opposite direction, so it is very dangerous. I hope the problem of solar streetlights can be solved as soon as possible and not be delayed like this. ”

solar street light project in Malaysia

The reporter learned from the local transportation department that they completed the construction of more than 250 solar panel street lights in September 2020. Maintenance was done due to damage in the early stage. As a result, these street lights were completely damaged one after another in 2022. Due to this kind of street lights, Maintenance costs are high, so they plan to convert it into grid-powered street lights.

A staff member of the comprehensive planning section of the transportation bureau in this district said that there is a battery under the solar panel. At that time, this new technology had just come out, and the technology was not as complete as it is now, so a street light renovation plan was made. Currently, four roads in the district have the problem of “blindness” of street lights and need to be repaired uniformly.

all in one solar street light in Malaysia

They will start promoting this urban construction project in 2023, and they have to wait for financial allocations to complete the street light renovation. According to the urban construction project process specifications, the transportation department needs to outline the project plan every year and submit it to the urban construction department for summary. After discussion and approval by the district government, the project bidding can be initiated, and funds can be invested to promote implementation.

Another staff member said, “If the four roads are built together, the volume will be quite large because doing it in batches does not comply with the bidding process. The plan has been submitted in 2022 and the project has been approved. However, due to funding, The reason has been put on hold, and we have also given feedback to the government, including communicating with the finance department, which is also currently looking for ways to raise funds to implement this matter. ”

The Urban and Rural Development Bureau stated that due to insufficient financial funds, the street light maintenance plan reported by the transportation department was canceled in 2023, and the plan for 2024 is still being prepared.

Understandably, there is no money to invest in replacing solar panel street lights in a short period, but what puzzles Ms. Varie is that the nearly 2 kilometers of street lights powered by the grid were only installed last year. Why can’t they light up normally at night?? What Ms. Varie is confused about is that it can be used for normal lighting by turning on half the light or every few lights.

400w solar street light

Staff from the Comprehensive Planning Section of the Transportation Bureau said👇
If all these street lights are turned on, the overall electricity bill will be very scary, one to two thousand US dollars a day. There are two situations of turning on the lights and not turning on the lights. The first is automatic control based on light, and the second is based on holidays, which is equivalent to scene decoration. Because only municipal roads have lighting regulations, street lights on highways are the “icing on the cake”.

solar street light work in rainy days

solar streetlights work on rainy days

Solar street lights have reached the time of wear and tear, to be exact, starting in 2021, some solar street lights are damaged. In 2021, we have already discussed with the urban construction department to transform solar street lights and include them in the 2024 urban and rural construction plan. This is expected to be ready within the year as all preliminary design work has been completed.