2024 Solar Street Light Price in Dubai

solar street light price in Dubai

As a manager who has been in the solar street light business for about 10 years, the most frequently asked question is, How much do your solar street lights cost? Today, The questions now are, how much do integrated solar street lights cost in Dubai?

Solar Power Overview in Dubai.

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is one of the major oil producers in the world, and Dubai has also ranked one of the top carbon dioxide emitters per capita in the world. However, even though this is the case, the U.A.E. government has taken steps to shift to renewable energy, especially solar power.

Solar power still accounts for a small percentage of the entire energy production in the country. But the government is aiming to generate about 50% of its electrical energy from renewable sources by 2050.

Currently, they are doing well with this goal, and there is even a possibility that the country’s solar capacity will increase fourfold by 2025, raising the current 2.1GW total to 8.5GW.

Why Solar solar street light is a Good Choice for Dubai.

Dubai holds the title of one of the highest solar exposure rates in the world, so the district is undeniably suitable for producing solar energy, so it is very suitable to install solar street lights to save energy.

solar street light price in Dubai

solar street light price in Dubai

Benefits of Solar Street Lights

  1. Lifespan – Compared to traditional street lights, solar-powered lights can last longer. How? a conventional street light can last for approximately an average of 5,000 to 8000 hours or to make it simpler, it can only last for a year or less of usage. On the other hand, solar-powered lights’ lifespan is around 5 to 7 years, making them ahead of traditional lights.
  2. Energy-efficient – One of its advantages is its ability to save energy while producing enough solar power to light the streets at night. Generally, the energy that can be saved from solar lights is around 40 to 60% as compared to the traditional high-intensity discharge light products that consume a lot of energy.
  3. Eco-friendly – For solar-powered street lights, they offer an eco-friendly lighting solution. Besides, it is an excellent alternative to the conventional street light system. Aside from it generates power from renewable energy, it also has no mercury in the structure. It also has much sturdy and durable combined materials contributing to its longer life span which reduces more waste compared to traditional street lights.
  4. Less light waste – Street lights powered by solar are made with direct refractors that help in lessening the undue loss of light, leading to high-quality performance. Besides, the light from the solar lamps reaches where it is positioned, so there will be little to no light energy waste.
  5. Low greenhouse gas emission – One of the main reasons for intense global warming is the constant release of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Thus, it should be lessened, if it cannot be avoided. By using solar-powered street lights, you can help in eliminating carbon emissions since it does not release greenhouse gases

Solar Street Light Price in Dubai

40W solar led street light price in Dubai( 150$-280$)

40W solar LED street lights have mounting heights ranging from 3m to 5m with 5m to 6m road width, pole and pole distance is 16m-18m, 40w is suitable for installation in local roads, countryside roads, small roads, event lighting, and commercial lighting.

60w solar led street light price in Dubai(200$-300$)

60W solar LED street lights have mounting heights ranging from 6m to 7m with 8m to 10m road width, pole and pole distance is 20-25m, 60w is suitable to install in local roads, small roads, Parking lots, courtyard, pathway.

100W solar street light price in Dubai(250$-410$)

These solar streetlights come with pole mounting heights ranging from 8m to 10m. They are suitable for main roads and highways with road widths ranging from 12m to 15m and pole-to-pole distances, ranging from 25-30m.

120W solar led street light price in Dubai(280$-490$)

These all-in-one solar lights are perfect for main roads and highways with mounting heights ranging from 10m to 15m meters and road widths of 15m to 20 meters, pole height is 10m-12m, and pole and pole distance is 30m-35m.


    When concluding different watt costs of Solar street lights in Dubai from Chinese factories, Clodesun as one of the leading solar street light manufacturers in China, solar street lights are project products, usually, a project needs dozens to thousands of sets of solar street lights, if you accidentally choose a low-quality solar street light, you will suffer huge losses, so I recommend customers to choose carefully, do not just focus on low-cost products, and I hope that my summary of choose quality solar street light experience can give you some help.