2024 Philips Solar Street Lights’ Honest Review

Philipps solar street light review

Sunlight is a non-polluting, inexhaustible, and reliable source of power. Photovoltaic (PV) technology is becoming the most efficient way of supplying energy due to air pollution, global climate change, and resource scarcity. Solar LED energy has the advantage of being an efficient alternative to CFL. 

Philips solar streetlights are a great solution when electricity is erratic or unavailable in your local area. There are some urban areas where solar street lights are recommended since they reduce dependence on conventional sources of power and encourage the use of green energy. These solutions are durable and reliable to fulfill lighting needs.

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Microprocessors in Philips solar street lights determine sunset and sunrise using algorithms. Because of the A-brand quality crystalline silicon solar panel, it is efficient and durable.

Its maximum efficiency can be attributed to its high-luminance LED module. Low-voltage solar controllers are known for being able to dim lights to conserve energy (electricity). Energy is stored in discharge batteries for use when needed, as well as ensuring that there is a backup power source in case of inclement weather.

Solar panels convert solar energy from the sun into electrical energy which is stored in batteries during the day. As the battery discharges during the night, electrical energy is released to power the LED luminaire. The solar hybrid input will be activated automatically if the battery is not sufficiently charged or if it drains throughout the night.

    Types of Philips Solar StreetLights

    • RoadFlair
    • RoadFlair Gen2
    • SmartBright Road
    • GreenVision Xceed Gen2
    • Smart Post-top G3
    • Luma Gen2 Solar
    • UniStreet Gen2 Solar
    • Sunday
    • GreenLine V2 Solar
    • Smart Bright Solar
    • RoadFlair Gen4 Solar
    • GreenVision Xceed Gen4.0 Solar
    • GreenVision Xceed V2 Gen4.0

    Technical Specs

    • System wattage (W):  7- 50W
    • System efficacy (lm/W):  Up to 165lm/W
    • The lumen output (lm):  2000 – 7500lm
    • Housing:  Aluminium pressure die-cast
    • Color temperature:  (K) 3000, 4000
    • CRI:  70, 80
    • IP rating:  IP66
    • IK rating:  IK10
    • Cover:  Glass cover

    Main Advantages of Philips Solar Street Light

    Solar street lights from Phillips operate independently; therefore, they have low operation costs. According to this, this type of street lighting is not connected to the electric grid and is a wireless light.

    Lighting depends on heat energy from the sun, and streetlights store much solar energy during daylight hours. Solar street lights are less complicated to maintain and risk overheating than conventional street lights.

    By not having external wires on the solar wires, accidents have been minimized during installation. Electrocution or strangulation can be the result. It is environmentally friendly because Philips solar street lights are solar-powered; hence, they do not contribute to carbon footprints.

     It has become an efficient and handy solution to lighting difficulties due to certain solar street lighting systems’ simplicity of transportation.

    Within the first five hours of the night, the system performs at medium brightness. As the intensity of light decreases, the PIR sensor is activated by the movement of humans or until dawn.

    If it senses movement within a certain radius of the luminaire, it automatically turns on the full brightness.

    Solar outdoor luminaires require virtually no maintenance in comparison to conventional street lights.

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    Main Disadvantages of Philips Solar Street Light

    Philips street light is more expensive compared to conventional street lights. This is the major reason why some people have never considered buying it.

    Rather than considering the benefits of solar streetlights in the long term, they think about the cost. Their non-wired nature makes their theft a high risk.

    A high monetary value makes them more susceptible to theft than traditional streetlights, which are low in value. It is possible to accumulate moisture, snow, and dust on the horizontal PV panels.

    The result could be a reduction in energy production or even the cessation of it entirely. It is important to check the Philips solar street light regularly, particularly if it is installed in a location with severe weather conditions that can shorten or damage its life.

    There are rechargeable batteries that need to be replaced now and then within the lifetime of the fixture. The total cost of the lighting system increases as a result. Battery maintenance costs include replacing rechargeable batteries, since they may be exhausted like some components.

    Philips solar streetlights offer both advantages and disadvantages, so an objective evaluation of their overall benefits is your responsibility. Determine whether it is worthwhile to purchase them. Despite this, Philips solar street lights tend to be more popular; therefore, you need to give them a try.

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    Customer Reviews

    Philips streetlights have been regarded as one of the best streetlights available in the market and thousands of customers have reviewed them. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

    Murali J says: “Excellent lamp. Good coverage of light. Strong-built glass and metal parts. Since branded items are at a higher price. But worth product.”

    Dhruv Vats says: “It spreads in a wide area when placed at an appropriate height. For just 25W it covers a lot of areas if placed at a good height from the ground .soft white light somewhat similar to moonlight .perfect at this watt for a street light.”

    Mr. Ganess Ch. Datta says: “Light is extremely bright….easy to fit at my home roof…illuminated sufficiently….very very energy-saving…….only 15 wt consumption …….pure white light. After 6 months I am bound to update my review…..it is extremely a matter of great regret that my roof light is completely out of order even like a branded company PHILIPS…… purchased from a local authorized dealer of Philips.”


      In regions where power outages are common, solar and solar hybrid street lights excel. Crime can be deterred and communities can be made safer and more resilient.

      In the end, solar lighting is an accessible, efficient, and future-proof solution to community development that could contribute greatly to global economic recovery both on and off the continent. More than 1 billion people on Earth have no access to electricity after sunset, which is about 17% of the global population. Investing in lighting technology that enhances lives and enhances communities is at the core of Philips Lighting’s mission.