integrated solar street light install

How to install integrated solar street light

Easy to install is one of the most important advantages of integrated solar street light. Have you ever thought of installing integrated solar street lights by yourself? A lot of articles say it’s really fast and easy. And in fact, it is.

In today’s article, I’m going to introduce clodesun’s all in One Solar Street Light products and how to install them.

How to Install a Clodesun Integrated Solar Street Light?

The  is our 2020 German new deisgn foldable all-in-one solar street light model and this is our world unique model patented by clodesun. we design this type suitable for government projects or bigger installations such as solar roadway lighting and solar highway lighting. clodesun carries designs with a range from 40W, 64w, 100w and 120w.

As we all know.In the northern hemisphere,the sunshine rise from the south,but in the souththern hemisphere,the sunshine rise from the north.

That is why we need dedign solar panel fold and unfold in order to ensure the solar panel face the sun on the both side of road,

In the northern hemisphere,we can unfold in north side of road, fold in south side of road

In the southern hemisphere,we can unfold in sorth side of road, fold in north side of road

The great thing about this foldable model is you can flexibly adjust the solar panel to face the sun on the both side of the road.

Clodesun Integrated solar street light Installation time: 5 to 10 minutes




When opening the package, please confirm that parts are received as listed below:

all in one solar street light install

There are just 2 steps to install our new design integrated solar led street lamp.

Step1. Connect the cables between solar panel and lamps

solar street light lamps


Step2: Fix on integrated solar street light with 6 pcs screws.


the solar street light installation


There are also have 3 simple Tips When Installing Integrated Solar Street Lights

Before you install your first All-in-One Solar Street Light, make sure to follow these tips so you won’t have a problem with its operation.

1. Make sure that the solar panel orientation faces the sun at 2:00 pm

As the solar panel is a fixed component, make sure that when you install the solar street light, the solar panel orientation faces the direction of the sun at its highest peak. This is at around 12:00 nn to 2:00 pm.

solar led street light


During these hours, the sun’s intensity is very high and your solar panel can receive as much energy as it can. To make your solar street light work more efficiently, be sure to set the direction of the panel in such a way that that it faces the sun at 2pm.

2. Pole do not exceed lamp too long, in case of shadows on solar panel to Keep a Short       Distance Between the Pole and the Lamp

This tips is to maximize the efficiency of your solar panel and so that the battery can be fully charged.

solar led street light

3. Trees or building do not exceed lamp too high in case of shadows on solar panel

To ensure that the panel does not get any shadow from any object including the pole.

solar street lamp pole


How It Should Work After Installation

After you install your all in one solar street lights, it should be able to automatically switch on at dusk and switch off at dawn. It must also work automatically from dim to full brightness, depending on your specified time schedule profile setting.

For its original factory setting, the solar street light would automatically dim or decrease its intensity to 30% of its full brightness when it does not detect any passerby.

solar street light pole



What an integrated solar street light is, is really an amazing innovation of the traditional solar street light. It’s very easy to install, need less of your time and energy. I hope this article has cleared some cloud of confusion on how to install integrated all in one solar street lights.

If you want to buy foldable integrated all-in-one solar street lights with high-quality parts, you might want to read top quality all in one solar street light manufactures and-suppliers before you find your supplier. This blog is an eye-opener on how All-in-One Solar Street lights can be really affordable when you pick the right manufacturer




60w solar street light price

How much the price of 60W solar street light

Many customers asked me how much the price of 60w solar street light recently, following we will explain 60w solar street light price and its specifications.

60w solar street lights are the best-hot selling street lights in the market. Because 60w solar street lights can be used in solar street light projects as well as civil projects,  following we will introduce the price of 60w solar street lights and its specifications.

Why traditional street lamps are gradually replaced by solar street lights?

The first reason is that in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, solar street lights have the characteristics of energy saving. Solar street lights use solar energy to supply power, while traditional street lamps use ordinary city electricity. That is coal resources, so there is an essential difference in the use of resources between the two lighting fixtures. One is renewable solar resources and the other is non-renewable traditional coal resources.

The second reason is that solar street lights are safer and can avoid safety accidents. The exterior of general LED street lights is made of conductive materials, which is equivalent to a lightning rod. In the design, it is necessary to install down conductors and ground nets.

split solar street light

These systems constitute the external Lightning protection system. The system can prevent LED street lights from direct lightning strikes and cause fires and personal safety incidents. The internal lightning protection system refers to the protection of the equipment through grounding and voltage protection inside the street lamp. This system can prevent the intrusion of overvoltage caused by induced lightning and other methods, which constitutes power supply damage, which cannot be guaranteed by external lightning protection systems.

So now more and more countries encourage the use of solar street lights, but when choosing solar street lights, everyone is very concerned about the price of solar street lights. Below, clodesun will introduce you to the price of 60w solar street lights.

The price of 60w solar street light and its specifications

price of solar led street light

Light source power: 60W

Height of street light from ground: 6 to 8 meters

Light color: white

CCT: 5000K (3500-6000K can be customzied)

Light Efficiency: 160lm/w

Daily working hours: about 10 hours when fully charged

Induction method: light control + remote control

Working hours per day: 10 hours

Work time: Continuously 3-5 rainy days, 12 hours per night

Recommand installation distance: 20-25m

Light pole diameter: 40-140mm

French flange: 950*550*63mm

Battery capacity: 24AH LiFePo4 battery

Photovoltaic panel power: monocrystalline silicon 80W High-efficiency Monocrystalline silicon

Photovoltaic panel material: tempered glass 3.2mm, light transmittance 91%

Lamp head style: flat type

Lamp holder material: aluminum alloy pressing

Waterproof grade: IP65

Working environment: -40°-85°

60w solar Street light price: US$260-300