Solar street light Exhibition in Saudi Arabia

solar led street light

It is clodesun’s honor that we make the customized German new design solar street light Exhibition in Saudi Arabia markets in November 17-19 2020.

Exhibition time: November 17-19, 2020

Exhibition location: Saudi Arabia-Riyadh-Riyadh International Convention Center KSA1560840388268.png

Organizer: Infoman

China Organizer: China Exhibition World Trade (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

1. Electricity: power station equipment, substation equipment, power transmission equipment, high and low voltage electrical switches, power control system testing equipment, cable and wire materials, generator sets and related equipment, relays, capacitors, junction boxes, etc.

2. Lighting: all kinds of lighting fixtures, equipment, switches, control systems and related accessories, etc.

3. New energy and renewable energy: solar installations, power and wind power installations, recirculation systems

(solid, liquid, steam), tidal energy installations, environment and energy consumption monitoring and services, etc.

4. Water conservancy: water storage tanks, water pipes, drainage and irrigation equipment, water pumps and engines, pure water purification equipment, wastewater recycling systems, water pollution monitoring and analysis equipment, various water treatment technologies and equipment, etc.

5. Nuclear energy: nuclear engineering, nuclear power plants and related projects, technologies and scientific research results, etc.

Saudi International Electricity, Lighting and New Energy Exhibition is one of the lighting and new energy exhibitions of Informa Exhibitions in Dubai, Egypt, Nigeria. Relying on the rich buyer resources and huge market promotion network of Informa Conference and Exhibition Group in related industries,.

MEE SAUDI 2020 will definitely provide a professional, efficient and localized market for the huge development needs of the power energy lighting market in Saudi Arabia and surrounding areas. An excellent trading platform.

Since 2016, we’ve become a top Solar Street Light Supplier in Saudi Arabia.