120w Solar Street Light Price

120w Solar Street Light


120w  solar street light price is 280$-300$

120w solar street light details:

Solar panels

405W /36V (3 panels, single panel is 135W, size is 1070*780*30mm) monocrystalline silicon solar panel, EVA domestic solar special solar module aluminum frame, conversion rate above 23﹪, service life above 20 years. Specific parameters are as follows: optimal working voltage 36V, optimal working current 11A.

Endurance Solar Street Lights

Lithium battery

24V60Ah (±5%) solar special long-life high-safety lithium battery, aluminum + ABS cover battery box, corrosion-resistant. Floating charge voltage 12V charging current ≤60A. Discharge depth can reach 99%, and service life is above 5 years.

A class solar street light battery

Constant current solar controller

24V/100W MPPT solar controller, light control plus time control, with overcharge and over-discharge, anti-reverse connection, anti-short circuit, lightning protection, and other protection functions, you can set working modes by yourself. Service life is more than 5 years. Power 0w-150W adjustable.

Light source

Aviation aluminum lamp head, size 780*263*75mm, pure die-cast aluminum, wind, and corrosion-resistant, high heat dissipation efficiency. High-brightness 5050 150 LED light source lamp beads, combined with outdoor special LED lamps, good heat dissipation effect, lamp beads use Purui chips, brightness can reach 170-210LM/W, service life of more than 50,000 hours. Specific parameters: efficacy ≥ 0.9, color rendering index > 70RA, color temperature 3300K-5300K optional, adaptable temperature -20°℃, installation hole ≤φ60MM, protection level IP67. Normal operation 10,000 hours light decay <10%. Single lamp bead working voltage 3V, current 0.666A. Protection level IP65.

solar street light with pole price

Light pole

12m high, the light pole is made of high-quality Q235 steel, upper diameter of 80mm lower diameter of 200mm, thickness of 3.5mm, earthquake resistance level of 7, wind resistance level of 12, hot-dip galvanized inside and outside surfaces of the light pole, the flange is 400*400*16mm, the ground cage is 4*φ24, the ground cage is 300*300*1200mm

solar street light 10m pole

solar street light 10m pole

2.5 national standard line

Waterproof patented plug, phosphor copper solid core terminal with large current carrying capacity and good waterproof performance (up to I P65)

solar street light IP65

Working mode

100% for the first 1H, 80% for the second 2H, then reduce by 20% until dawn (light on all night)

Continuous working days

12 hours of lighting per day, 5 consecutive rainy days

Applicable temperature range


Installation angle

34.2 degrees

Charging time refers to solar radiation


Quotation validity period

30 days

Payment method

30% deposit, full payment upon delivery, and cash settlement.

Quality assurance

The whole lamp is fully guaranteed for 5 years from the date of leaving the factory (except for damage caused by human or irresistible natural factors), and maintenance cost is charged


1. The above quotation includes tax, excluding freight and installation costs, and is the factory delivery price.

2. The above quotation is configured according to the factory standard. If on-site guidance for installation is required, all costs shall be borne by the purchaser.